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 Warm Night Together p4 (Commissioned Art)  by flamethedragon
Warm Night Together p4 (Commissioned Art)
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 Warm Night Together p4 (Commissioned Art)  by flamethedragon
Warm Night Together p4 (Commi...
Character Bio - Fiona the Braixen by flamethedragon
Character Bio - Fiona the Brai...
Character bio - Riky the Lucario by flamethedragon
Character bio - Riky the Lucar...
*C* Promise & Desire Page 8/24 by WinickLim
*C* Promise & Desire Page 8/24
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*C* Promise & Desire Page 7/24 by WinickLim
*C* Promise & Desire Page 7/24
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*C* Promise & Desire Page 6/24
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*C* Promise & Desire Page 5/24
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*C* Promise & Desire Page 4/24
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*C* Promise & Desire Page 3/24
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*C* Promise & Desire Page 2/24 by WinickLim
*C* Promise & Desire Page 2/24
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*C* Promise & Desire Page 1/24  by WinickLim
*C* Promise & Desire Page 1/24...
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*C* After The Sweet Moments by WinickLim
*C* After The Sweet Moments
by WinickLim
*C* How To Satisfy Master Page 1/6 by WinickLim
*C* How To Satisfy Master Page...
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*C* Girl in Heat Page 1/4 by WinickLim
*C* Girl in Heat Page 1/4
by WinickLim
Let's talk about meeeeee!
I go by "ssb4lucariofan" on FurAffinity; flamethedragon is a character of mine :P I'm better known under a different username than these two, but I felt like switching things up. Some of you may recognize me as I talk about myself :P I'm not much of a drawer, but I do write sporadically. I'm primarily a gamer and fangame designer. I've been making games since around 2008-ish when I got Game Maker 7 Pro. Since then I've made a fair number of games. I have yet to design anything original, but I find fangame design to be most fun at the moment. My most recently completed and best work to date is Super Mario Bros Odyssey (Ch.1), and I've recently begun work on a Pokemon RPG fangame that focuses on a Riolu/Lucario and his Pokemon friends, who are on a quest to bring to justice the murderers who killed the beloved master of this Riolu/Lucario. I am developing this in Game Maker Studio Standard, which I plan to use for my future games as well.

Besides game-design, I mentioned I'm an avid gamer. I'll play just about anything (except sports games that don't have the typical Mario twist :P). My favorite games/franchises are Mario, Zelda, Resident Evil, The Elder Scrolls, Gears of War, Devil May Cry, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and so on, and I've recently gotten back into Pokemon. My favorite game genres are, in no real order, survival horror, RPGs, platformer, adventure, fighting (and by this I mean Smash Bros), hack n' slash, Mario Kart-style racing games, etc. Currently I'm cursed to play Smash Bros WiiU for eternity, as I've played almost nothing else since I got it for Christmas :P (Lucario all the way)

I love Nintendo's stuff the most, but I like to consider myself a well-rounded gamer, as I own PS2, PS3, PS4, two XBox 360s, a Wii, WiiU, SNES, a 3DS, and an N64. Not into PC gaming, sorry :P I don't watch TV, I prefer youtube and stuff like that :P What I've seen of Attack on Titan and The Walking Dead's been all right though. I really like the Pokemon anime, despite some of it's cheesy stuff :P I'm a sucker for cute/lovey stuff >w< Ironically, I'm not much of a shipper, but hetero Lucario X Braixen is totally my OTP and I ship them SO HARD ^w^ it's just 2CUTE
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