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I'm a living liquid latex featherdragon (shortened to rubberfeatherdragon) hermaphrodite. I love being played with and playing with others--feel free to grab my leash and make me do whatever you please, or let me give you a leash instead to do whatever I want you to. >:3

I'm on Skype, GTalk, and IRC all the time whenever I can acquire an internet connection with either of my computers (shoot me an email to calyo[at]dragarch[dot]com if you want my Skype & GTalk handles). Feel free to send me a greeting. Just be ready to hear me talk about cars and computers and latex. A lot. :P Feel free to talk kinks and fetishes, too, but keep in mind I don't yiff-and-run. I like to have friends that I can do more than just get a quick fuck from. Though when I'm in the mood for it, I can be a real kinky one as long as you love latex/rubber (that's not the only kink I love). ;)

My preferred pronouns for those of you who are picky and pedantic about this sort of thing: she, her, hers. I'm not offended if others are used; even I will sometimes use shi/hir/hirs either absentmindedly or out of habit (from a long period of wanting to use herm pronouns), and sometimes I'll use he/him/his if I'm in a form that presents as male more than female/andro/herm. I won't bop your nose if you use the wrong pronouns. I will bop your nose if you try to be all social justice warrior and obsessively correct someone as if you're defending me. I can do the nose bopping myself if I need to, TYVM.

I'm also super duper active on Twitter more than anything:
Primary is [at_iconname_userid]301749[/at_iconname_userid]
NC-17 (AD) is [at_iconname]CalyoNSFW[/at_iconname] (private account; I do screen follow requests on this one and I will deny underage follows because federal law)

I can be poked at on furnet.org IRC (usernames dragon-architect, Calyo, or TOY-225963; I also own the channels #stickypit and #rubberfates for furs who love to get sticky and squeaky, respectively :3)

I AM NOT A VISUAL ARTIST! Any drawings that you see in my gallery were created by other artists unless explicitly stated otherwise. My specialty is poetry and prose.
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