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A Royal Pine in the Axe by axelroo
A Royal Pine in the Axe
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A Royal Pine in the Axe by axelroo
A Royal Pine in the Axe
Where does Chocolate Milk Come From? by axelroo
Where does Chocolate Milk Come...
Sit Down N' Rotate - Clay Version by axelroo
Sit Down N' Rotate - Clay Vers...
Sit Down N' Rotate, TooChaotic!! by axelroo
Sit Down N' Rotate, TooChaotic...
One Chaotic BubbleCoon by axelroo
One Chaotic BubbleCoon
Quello again at Further Confusion 2011 by axelroo
Quello again at Further Confus...
Quello at Further Confusion 2011 by axelroo
Quello at Further Confusion 20...
Geez. Where do I start? A Kangaroo Island kangaroo. Macropus Fuliginosus Fuliginosus. A Western Grey kangaroo. All those terms are the same which describe me in color- did I mention I'm inflatable and love long hops along the beach assuming I don't get blown off? No? Well I do and usually blow up big and round. When I'm not all big and round (and have dexterous fingers), I write stories and I love to note expressions and details so it always takes me a while to write my segments. I'm not a consistent drawing type by my good friends are. One of which is a Macropus Fuliginosus Melonops. Bet you can't guess who it is. I also live with a macro dragon and a cartoon kangaroo so if things aren't strange enough, prepare to be saturated in odd. I do play games but I tend to avoid squad games with balance issues as Western Grey roo's do growl and I'm no exception thus I mostly enjoy games which are entirely co-op. Music tastes are very much off the mainstream located 2 miles perpendicular. Computers, cell phones, mp3 players? Got em but I'm so surrounded in technology that it doesn't excite me like it used to so I only really use them when traveling which hasn't been the case in a while- maybe when I'm actually on vacation. TV? That is so 90's! ... Well okay, I still listen to AM radio.
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