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Halloween Sonic OC by Xiaoqing
Halloween Sonic OC
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Halloween Sonic OC by Xiaoqing
Halloween Sonic OC
Chibi Angry Spar by Xiaoqing
Chibi Angry Spar
Chibi Peanut by Xiaoqing
Chibi Peanut
Why can't you just leave her alone? by Xiaoqing
Why can't you just leave her a...
Foxy Mongoose by Xiaoqing
Foxy Mongoose
"But I don't want to cut it...." by Xiaoqing
"But I don't want to cut it......
Are we really that different? (gift) by Xiaoqing
Are we really that different? ...
Ship adopts I bought by Xiaoqing
Ship adopts I bought
Can I help you? (gift) by Xiaoqing
Can I help you? (gift)
I can't let you do that by kasumi
I can't let you do that
by kasumi
Phoenix by kasumi
by kasumi
Gold by SashaHellfireQueen
I'm happy 💕 by kasumi
I'm happy 💕
by kasumi
Kimberly by kasumi
by kasumi
She happy by kasumi
She happy
by kasumi
It what we do by kasumi
It what we do
by kasumi
Let me back in you need me by kasumi
Let me back in you need me
by kasumi
She back by kasumi
She back
by kasumi
relapse by kasumi
by kasumi
When they gonna stop by kasumi
When they gonna stop
by kasumi
Stop forceing me  to relapse by kasumi
Stop forceing me  to relapse
by kasumi
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1 month, 1 week ago
That's the problem with people,  you are so willing to forgive genuine threats and let people get away with the most sickening of things.   It's no wonder this whole world is going to hell.

"They didn't mean to do it~"   "It wasn't their fault"  Bull. Fucking. Shit.
Nikki meant every damned word she said, she should be rotting in a Prison cell for it

She will never be a better person.  
She still talks shit about people,  she won't own up to the Threats she made about me, she STILL Steals that Abonimation she calls an "OC"   (Nikki isn't even hers, she stole it from another artist)   she still traces, uses bases without giving proper credit, and she has Yet to apologize to me.  

She doesn't deserve friends, she'll only hurt and abuse you like she did to her other "Friends"
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