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Your Royal Highness by Whendigo
Your Royal Highness
New to InkBunny
I'm new to Inkbunny and I'm Whendigo. I'm setting up my profile, then I'll be looking for friends and posting artwork :D
6 years, 8 months ago
Okay! So, here's the thing about me and requests; I generally don't do them. However, I'm open to at least looking them over, and if I'm in a dry spot or if I feel like your request is something tha...
6 years, 8 months ago
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Your Royal Highness by Whendigo
Your Royal Highness
Day Break -Detail Katrla by Whendigo
Day Break -Detail Katrla
Whendigo Reference Sheet  by Whendigo
Whendigo Reference Sheet
Sivvy of the Serengeti by Whendigo
Sivvy of the Serengeti
Magic in the Air by Whendigo
Magic in the Air
Breath by Whendigo
Kent by Whendigo
Whendigo Icon by Whendigo
Whendigo Icon
Katrla Icon by Whendigo
Katrla Icon
Irenic by Whendigo
Just a Glimpse by Whendigo
Just a Glimpse
Jaskie by Whendigo
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Hi there!
I'm Whendigo. I'm working on "revamping" my art, so please feel free to drop a friendly critique here and there. I do appreciate them!
Also, I'm not a super social person. I have just a little bit of social anxiety, but feel free to strike up a conversation! Strange as it is, I love making new friends.
My current obsessions are Doctor Who, Zelda (specifically Skyward Sword at the moment), Final Fantasy, InuYasha, From Far Away, Once Upon a Time, Megamind and a thousand other things, but those top the list for the moment. Expect the first few to be there a while.

Art Status
Commissions: Closed. These will only be opened in journals.
Trades: Closed for now, I'm catching up on some work :) Trade Specific ToS
Collaborations: Occasionally Open - feel free to contact me!
Requests: See This Journal

To Do List
Terms of Service
Terms of Use

Other Places To Find Me

Current Give-A-Ways
I'm currently hosting an art raffle on my FurAffinity Account! Check it out!
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