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A friendly retreat (Patreon reward) by Vitrex
A friendly retreat (Patreon reward)
Just an apology x3;
Hey there everyone! I just wanted to apologize in general for the lack of uploading on...well, pretty much everywhere besides Patreon |3;;; I admit that I get lazy when it comes to uploading to thes...
1 year ago
Char is back
Hai there, just letting you guys know I'm back. Mostly just saying that the place even if not comfy, I'm gonna be able to work on art and even have a decent internet connection. So wish me luck finish...
1 year, 2 months ago
Been a bad char char
Heyo! I have been a little busy with the apartment dealio and working on the comic and the pics of last last month, so I haven't been finding the right time to upload stuff, so I'll be uploading tons ...
1 year, 3 months ago
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A friendly retreat (Patreon reward) by Vitrex
A friendly retreat (Patreon re...
A happy birthmessday (Patreon reward) by Vitrex
A happy birthmessday (Patreon ...
Apple for you! (Patreon reward) by Vitrex
Apple for you! (Patreon reward...
Berry buddies (Patreon reward) by Vitrex
Berry buddies (Patreon reward)
Trejo the smooth (Patreon reward) by Vitrex
Trejo the smooth (Patreon rewa...
Stealing the spotlight (Patreon reward) by Vitrex
Stealing the spotlight (Patreo...
Neo sleepy time (Patreon reward) by Vitrex
Neo sleepy time (Patreon rewar...
How should I tell him...? (Patreon reward) by Vitrex
How should I tell him...? (Pat...
Wyverns make for cozy partners (Patreon reward) by Vitrex
Wyverns make for cozy partners...
Found paws on the cheese! (Patreon reward) by Vitrex
Found paws on the cheese! (Pat...
What's beyond (Patreon reward) by Vitrex
What's beyond (Patreon reward)
Heyo there =w=
This charmeleon is gonna start posting stuff over here, specially since certain other site won't allow me probably to post some of this stuff, so expect cutie butts and the such, haha.

If you want to support my art and specially my comics, consider supporting my patreon at https://www.patreon.com/Vitrex . Anything there will help me keep up focusing on art and specially my comics. You'll get access to all my HD art over there for as low as a bucky <3

I also am in Furaffinity and if you want to follow me there, then it's https://www.furaffinity.net/user/vitrex/ <3

I hope you all like my cute butts x3
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11 months ago
Cute pictures :3 You make very cute characters <3
1 year ago
Wait.... you have only one shout?! No, this can not be allowed! I must upgrade you to two shouts!
1 year, 3 months ago
You have a really cute art style uwu
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