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Paris (or Astral, or AM)
19 years young
Bratty, Machiavellian, competitive, flirtatious, arrogant, emotional androgynous arctic jackalope.
I live in Canada
I will not webcam with you.
I've been happily taken since 12/26/08. ♥♥♥♥♥
I don't camp FA, so sometimes my replies may take several days.
I am a part-time model.
Boobs, balls, cocks or cunts--doesn't matter to me.
Love is love; gender's got nothing to do with it. ♥⚤⚢⚣♥


My fursona is the jackalope in my icon; the rest are auxiliary story characters or adoptables.
Don't use me or my other characters without talking to me first and getting permission to do so. Thanks!
I write a lot of stories; if you'd like to have your character brought to life in literary form, holler at me.
Paris is a combination of an arctic lop-eared bunny and a pronghorn antelope.
Paris is, contrary to his appearance, dominant, not submissive.
Paris' favorite color is black.
Paris loves gothic aristocratic things.
Paris loves metal music, visual kei and jrock.
Paris is very picky about what he eats.
Paris is a total snob.
Paris is very, very literate and well-read, well-traveled and educated.
Paris is from a dynastic family of aristocrats.
I roleplay Paris on forums, in PMs, in collaborative stories, and sometimes in IMVU.


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♛ Health ❤❤❤❤♡
♛ Boredom ☒☒☒☐☐
♛ Happiness ☒☒☒☐☐
♛ Lethargy ☒☒☒☒☐
♛ Mood Impatient
♛ Games Currently Playing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Saints Row: The Third, All Points Bulletin: Reloaded, Starcraft II, Warhammer: Dawn of War II Retribution
♛ Virtual Universes Currently Engaged In SecondLife, IMVU
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