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Hello there my name is Vindi or Vindictive. Thank you for stopping by my page, I hope that you leave me a little letter or message. If you are looking for commissions of any kind, I am currently taking them, prices will be posted later on when I have time. However I would appreciate that if you would like a commission that you leave me a private message or message me down below in the shoutbox so I can go and message you later. Anyway moving on to some killer information that you need to know. Some personal information on my hand is that I LOVE roleplaying, have been doing it since I was twelve, learned to really get into it when I was about fifteen, I have experience with NSFW RP. I love to draw and read fan fictions. I am a frequent gamer, getting back into my love of PC, I have a hardcore addiction to puzzles and War AU. Making friends is pretty much my past time next to games. Feel free to message me if you just want to chat. I don't jump on video camera with people when I initially meet them, I have to trust them a bit before I do.

This is my Fursona and Ponysona (just putting fursona's though) if you want reference of what they look like just message me.
* I have two Fursona's one is a Husky and the other a Panther.*
If you are interested in my characters, the only thing I ask is this, that you keep up with roleplay, try not to use text language and at least get to know the mod before hand.
-FYI I don't bite.-

(Husky)-Looking for Master/Does not like to share-
Name: Vindi
Nicknames: Vi, Vivi, Vin, ect.
Gender: Female
Age: Twenty-two
Height: 5'9
Eye Color: Soft Ice blue in Right/Left eye is Blurred-Blind (due to accident)
Species: Siberian Husky
Hair Color: Midnight Black
Fur color: Same as a Husky. Black/White
Bust Size: 34 C -cup
Body type: Average/Fit
Medical condition: Is slightly blind in Left eye, can not have pups.
Current Status: Single
AU Status: None
Food(s) of choice: Ramen, Pizza, Red Apples, peanut butter -crunchy kind-
Sports: Soccer, Swimming
Hobbies: Playing Soccer, Reading, Swimming
Places of Choice: The Beach
-Lesser Detail-
Tail spans down to foot
Prefers to not wear clothing, with the exception of her Favorite Dark blue scarf.
When wearing any sort of swimsuit it is a two piece Bikini Top -Blue or black- with Black swim trunks.
The trunks waistband have a white trim and white Hawaiian lily flower print.
Sleeping wear consists of Plaid boxers (normally blue or green) with a long black shirt. or just a shirt.
Sometimes wears oversize soccer jersey.
Personally prefers a Master/slave type -spoiled a bit with sweet master/very loyal-

(Panther) -Is able to be in relationship-
Name: Desiree
Nickname: Desi -Strictly it-
Age: 19
Height: 5'4 -Don't poke fun at her height-
Eye Color: A light violet/blue
Species: Panther
Hair Color: Black with one streak in the center of hair/bangs that is Pink.
Fur Color: Black
Fur Pattern: Two Violet/dark magenta-purple rings at mid point on both ears
Tail is quite long with three rings not two.
Bust Size: 24 D- cup
Body Type: Curvy/ Medium
Medical Condition: N/A
Current Status: Single (Prefers females/does date males)
Food(s) of Choice: Candy -enjoys lots of sweets-, Stew, fried rice, curry, sweet things.
Sports: N/A
Hobbies: Games, Cosplay, Art, Visiting Galleries.
Places of Choice: Gaming Events and Conventions
-Lesser Detail-
Has a fairly short temper when addressed as a child -does not like being talked down to
Enjoys wearing socks (preferably stripes, it makes her happy)
Sleeping clothing is consistency of underwear, does not wear clothing constantly.
She is quite lazy, normally keeps her hair a mess.
Taunting and teasing is not advised.
Quite playful type personality.
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