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Corrosion Vs Chaos by Victorian
Corrosion Vs Chaos
I don't like sleeping alone. I know he's trying not to get me sick but I miss him already 😔
11 hrs, 41 mins ago
Hello I'm Alive
Hey guys! So, I've noticed how supportive everyone is with these journals and my life as a whole and it's inspired me to share big events with you guys so you have an idea how things are going. Well, ...
2 years, 2 months ago
Twitter Links!
Hey guys! If you like what I do I am mainly on Twitter now trying to get my art mojo back. If you like my things I recommend checking my twitter because I post and retweet all sorts of cool things...
2 years, 8 months ago
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Corrosion Vs Chaos by Victorian
Corrosion Vs Chaos
Sketch Dump by Victorian
Sketch Dump
Ready For Our Date? by Victorian
Ready For Our Date?
The Big Boys by Victorian
The Big Boys
White Shadow by Victorian
White Shadow
Inner Strength Pg. 1 by Victorian
Inner Strength Pg. 1
Cat And Mouse by Victorian
Cat And Mouse
Forgiven Naivety by Victorian
Forgiven Naivety
Life Is A.... by Victorian
Life Is A....
Expression Meme by Victorian
Expression Meme
The Vampire's Kiss by Victorian
The Vampire's Kiss
D The Jackal by Victorian
D The Jackal
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DoD Strip 1- The Contract by Victorian
DoD Strip 2- Thy Name Is Stealth by Victorian
Cat And Mouse by Victorian
Den of Delight [The Actual Comic]
Go here if you just want to read the comic :3 There's a separate pool for the artwork
4 submissions
Strike A Pose by Victorian
Blackjack. I win. by Victorian
Mistress Cherry by Victorian
Den of Delight AU
A collection of all the works for my Sonic AU of Blackjack (Shadow), the owner of a BDSM joint called the Den of Delight and his various adventures with his favored pet Wildfire (Sonic).
22 submissions
Emi and Shadow [Request] by Victorian
A Fun Night Awaits [Gift Art] by Victorian
Back In Black [Gift Art] by Victorian
Requests and Commissions
From time to time when I hit a milestone or I want to give back to all those who support me I'll take all kinds of requests! This is where you can see them all as well as any commissions I do.
13 submissions
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Happy New Years!! by PenthouseDragon
Happy New Years!!
A Successful Delivery! by MidnightMuser
A Successful Delivery!
Contest KxR - Sadic by RebeIT
Contest KxR - Sadic
by RebeIT
Contest SxS - Hamlet1616 by RebeIT
Contest SxS - Hamlet1616
by RebeIT
F**** YOU! by Mimy92Sonadow
F**** YOU!
guei hug :) by Tupinchecola
guei hug :)
How pathetic you are... by Mimy92Sonadow
How pathetic you are...
Sonadow Boom sketch by Mimy92Sonadow
Sonadow Boom sketch
New Blue by Chinry
New Blue
by Chinry
remake | medical day (page 6) by Nowykowski7
remake | medical day (page 6)
Mine!! by Sundarkmkn19
Kiss by Sundarkmkn19
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My name is Victorian! I'm a 28 year old who adores drawing all kinds of things and I have an appreciation for the sophisticated and sinful.

Requests= Closed
Commissions= Closed

If you plan to commission me please read the ToS below!

Terms of Service
Artwork commissions by Victorian

This artist has content that they will draw and content that they will not draw. Please do not ask this artist for a commission that includes anything on their list of content they will not draw. Thank you.

Please try to provide an image for all pose references. Please do not use other Sonic fan artists as pose references. Canon artwork, real people, and other references are perfectly fine but I do not like using other artists as reference.

Will draw/strengths: Dragons, Dinosaurs, Sonic the Hedgehog characters/style, Anime, Flowers, Canines (wolves, foxes), Shading, Bondage, Leather/BDSM, Other canon art styles

Weaker points (will still attempt): Guns, Armor, Swords, Buildings, Foreshortening

Will not draw: Scat, Watersports, Incest, Non-con, Mechas/robots, Mudplay, Foot fetish, Abuse, Extreme Gore, Cub, Toilet Porn, Fart Fetish, Pregnancy

Any artwork commissioned from Victorian is subject to these terms and conditions. If the consumer breaks any of the terms and conditions contained within this document, penalties will be applied to the consumer.

These penalties will be at the discretion of Victorian and failure to comply with penalties will involve communication with the consumer(s) to correct the discretion. Failure to comply with attempted communication may result in refusal of service.

The consumer, upon purchase, is bound to abide by the following:

The consumer can:
Color any artwork purchased that is not colored by the artist (sketch, lineart)
Upload commissioned artwork to other sites if the artist is credited and a link to the artist’s profile on the website the artwork was commissioned/purchased from is provided
Upload commissioned artwork, in part or in full, to video sites/streaming sites/services with express permission from the artist

The consumer cannot:
Trace commissioned artwork
Copy commissioned artwork, in part or in full
Upload commissioned artwork to websites without crediting the artist and providing a like to the artist’s profile on the website the artwork was commissioned/purchased from
Upload commissioned artwork, in part or in full, to video sites/streaming sites/services without express permission from the artist
Claim the commissioned artwork as your own work
Sell commissioned artwork, in part or in full, on any website or outside of the internet, via public or private methods
Make alterations to the commissioned artwork such as lineart additions/artwork additions

Victorian reserves the right to refuse service to any persons, groups or businesses. Any attempt to circumvent this will result in a hard block.

This form, and the contents therein, are approved by Victorian and no changes will be made without Victorian’s express permission. If you have any questions regarding the ToS, or details of a commission, please ask Victorian. Thank you for reading.

Linked is my NSFW twitter

Here is my SFW Twitter! https://twitter.com/victorianarts
Links and Contact Details
3 years, 1 month ago
My belated apologies for my reply to “Don't Send Hate”. Took another look and get the point now. Sorry.
3 years, 10 months ago
Sorry for not replying for a while on discord, life's been busy.
4 years, 1 month ago
Our Discord link broke. Please see the sin city journal for the actual link. Thank you!
4 years, 4 months ago
Thank you all for being so supportive of my work and I hope you all had an amazing 4th of July! For non-American friends I still hope you got to celebrate too in some way and see some fireworks!
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