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Warrior: OutLine by UtterJoose
Warrior: OutLine
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Warrior: OutLine by UtterJoose
Warrior: OutLine
Tauren: Head Shot by UtterJoose
Tauren: Head Shot
Full Name: Lotus Zwitter Rewn
Artist Type: Traditional Artist
Registered since: August 5th, 2009 01:33
Current mood: weird
Artist Profile:
Hallo, 'allo. Call me Lotus or any nickname you can think with DebaucharyWolf. My fersonas are a Raven/bovine hybrid (Baven is the speacies name.), Rayvin; a Gargoyle/Wolf Shapeshifter (Garolfyle speacies) Debauch; a Lycanthrope feline ( Not sure of the speacies yet.) Kia; and a pure Artic Wolf/Lycan, Liebe.
BUT. Mainly!! As just myself, is Lotus. The Lionolf [White Lioness /Artic Wolf Hybrid ] :3

Reminders for myself and my Watchers::

Refs are due >.o

I am doing Sketch-work Commisions for FIVE U.S Dollars : D Please halp, I needs moneys for schooling, and gas money :( !

About my Lotus fursona!

~Breasties: 40DD
~Pants size: 14-18 depending on tight jeans or baggy :P
~Peniiiish: 6inches, purple in color, sheaths, and 2in knot. [Happy, you pervos?]
~Loves MSI, TOOL, and KORN.
~AIN'T NO SKINNY BITCH! Very thick, but not quiet 'fat fur' size. -_-

I unno, ask? Otherwise...*Pads off to draw.*
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7 years, 8 months ago
=^~^= *meows*

thank you so much for watching *soft pounce*
wish you a lovely start in the new week *purring
see you on IB :-)
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