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Note :  Sorry, but no random friends request. Get to know me, its a friends list for a reason.

I also looking for kind freebie drawings for my avatar and over time ill do shoots of my fursona in different types. (some maybe erotic). But some wallpaper ones, Profile icons, and badge or 2. I would pay but its hard, and if i have the spare cash ill donate to the artist that gave freebies. maybe not big but something.

My Name is Troy Foxxin (online name of course). I work on computers, for a living (Try to anyway). I like to think of my self as a universal person. That i can connect with any positive person. No matter what there life style is or where there from, as long as there of someone that is not on the negative side to abuse someone mentally or cause physical harm.

I consider my self a Pansexual based on my universal way, an how i don't look at what defines the gender needed for starting attraction. A kind and cute face with a cute mind behind with it.

I find my self more open on second life where i let my urges out when i need too. such as my fetish moments of wanting to be girly. My avatar will run around from time to time on with girl outfits. Something i am to scared to attempt in Real life. -.-'

I Enjoy a bit of all music, watch anime, and play games.

Sadly what i can do is limited, i suffer from back pain where my tail bone falling off my back bone pinching a nerve. which makes it hard to do task what do allot of bending and standing over a period of time.

I also suffer from iron deficiency anemia. Which i think my other issues are related too it. Headaches, sudden crashes of being tired, and abnormal issues breathing in heat. With bad iron levels it screws with the making of red blood cells. which carries oxygen through your body which anyone should of learned in science class.

I have had my feelings stepped allot, so I'm sensitive to things pointed out on me that are negative. It can also be a bit hard to regain my trust when i am hurt.

My Fursona Is a short black and white Cape Fox.

also i think character limiting on profiles are stupid, no matter how long it is. lol
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