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Adopt: (Open) Ace Pride Dobie [Sherpagutz Designs] by ToiletTrauma
Adopt: (Open) Ace Pride Dobie [Sherpagutz Designs]
February Updates
We have recently finished moving across the country! Toilet's tablet has been broken for a few months and they recently got it replaced! It arrived earlier today. We also have a trello now so things...
7 months, 1 week ago
Christmas Wishlists
In light of the upcoming holidays, we have a Christmas wishlist we'd like to share for our group! It mostly contains things we need to help improve quality of life however we may add a second one late...
9 months, 1 week ago
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SherpaGutz 🐏 Art: Maddox Icon by ToiletTrauma
SherpaGutz 🐏 Art: Maddox Icon
Guro 🥩 Art: Fire by ToiletTrauma
Guro 🥩 Art: Fire
SherpaGutz 🐏 Art: Blix Reference Sheet by ToiletTrauma
SherpaGutz 🐏 Art: Blix Referen...
Toilet Art 🐀: Monster by ToiletTrauma
Toilet Art 🐀: Monster
Guro 🥩 Art: Scream by ToiletTrauma
Guro 🥩 Art: Scream
Toilet Art 🐀: Iolle by ToiletTrauma
Toilet Art 🐀: Iolle
Guro 🥩 Art: Pastel Pink by ToiletTrauma
Guro 🥩 Art: Pastel Pink
SherpaGutz 🐏 Art: by ToiletTrauma
SherpaGutz 🐏 Art:
SherpaGutz 🐏 Art: DC Pride Icon by ToiletTrauma
SherpaGutz 🐏 Art: DC Pride Ico...
Ashoxx Art 🐎: YCH Fiddleford Pride Pony by ToiletTrauma
Ashoxx Art 🐎: YCH Fiddleford P...
Bitchard 🦇 Art:  Pre Portal Stanford Pines by ToiletTrauma
Bitchard 🦇 Art:  Pre Portal St...
Guro 🥩 Art: Fun Times by ToiletTrauma
Guro 🥩 Art: Fun Times
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(SOLD) Chocolate Wickerbeast by ToiletTrauma
(Sold) Skull King Wickerbeast [Trauma Designs] by ToiletTrauma
[Sold] Lil Punk Puppo [Trauma Designs] by ToiletTrauma
Sold Adopts
Adoptables that have already been sold.
3 submissions
[OPEN] Adopt for Sale [Ashoxx Art] by ToiletTrauma
[OPEN] Adopt for Sale: Punk Dutchie [Trauma Designs] by ToiletTrauma
[OPEN] Adopt For Sale: Sassy Hipster Furby [Toilet Art] by ToiletTrauma
Adoptables for sale made by various members of our team !!!
9 submissions
Closed Adopt Icon #1 by ToiletTrauma
FNaF: Diapered Funtime Babies [Toilet Art] by ToiletTrauma
[Open] Adopt For Sale: Forest Spirit [Toilet Art] by ToiletTrauma
Toilet Art 🚽
Art drawn by Toilet ! May or may not actually contain Toilet kink.
10 submissions
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Louis the Red Deer by EmpressRising
Louis the Red Deer
Reunited (Alt.) by stuffalso
Reunited (Alt.)
by stuffalso
rainbow flag by PinsandQuills
rainbow flag
Toriel stockings by Deliciousprinnyjuice
Toriel stockings
Hazbin Hotel~ Angel and Alastor sketches by GottaGoBlast
Hazbin Hotel~ Angel and Alasto...
Gender Neutral Caribou Head Base Complex Variant 1 by FuzzButtFursuits
Gender Neutral Caribou Head Ba...
[T] Vapin' n' Codin' by TeaLBiTZMouse
[T] Vapin' n' Codin'
Did I Change? by stuffalso
Did I Change?
by stuffalso
Commander Jimbob Commission by Lizet
Commander Jimbob Commission
by Lizet
Sonic as Bill by VoNN3s
Sonic as Bill
by VoNN3s
COM: Twins by DarkwingSnark
COM: Twins
AT:The Misunderstanding of Minds... by RB9
AT:The Misunderstanding of Min...
by RB9
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🌈 Attention 🌈

This page is a safe, positive and supportive place for LGBTQIA+, kinks of all kind, ships of all kind, fictionkin, therian, kin of other varieties, mental illness, disabilities, multiplicity, fictives, and people of all races and countries. We will not tolerate bigoted or racist comments.
We can speak English, Español, and a little bit of French (learning more as we go!)

This is an inclusive and positive space where everyone can feel welcomed. If you can't respect that, please move on.


🐀 About 🐖

This is an NSFW joint artist account. We love drawing kinks, join us on this journey.

Very open to a lot of things, we're very friendly so feel free to drop us comments or shouts!
We post relatively weekly, though we're working on a more frequent schedule.
(Though please excuse our delays, most of us are houseless.)

There are currently 7 artists (and counting!) using this account; Toilet,  , Trauma, Ashoxx, Bitchard, Discount Vector, and Shameless Box.
Toilet runs communications on the account unless otherwise stated


⚠️ Content Warnings ⚠️

Various TW for art that may show up on this account:
noncon, dubcon, beast, pokephilia, intersex or otherwise gender nonconforming characters, incest, bloodplay, vore (hard and soft), gore, amputation, decapitation, castration, medical play/medical abuse, psychological/mental and physical abuse, diapers, little space, DDLG, spanking, scat, piss, emeto, all the way through, crossdressing, and probably more to be added here.

Please do not submit yourself to content that might trigger PTSD or harm you in ways you don't want. Make sure to be safe about your content viewing!

This gallery is only intended to be viewed by those who are legally adults (usually 18+). By watching our account or favoriting our work, you're agreeing you are old enough to engage in our content.

Our gallery can be viewed in SFW mode which will show mostly adoptables and some innocent diaper art.


🎁 Adopts 🧸

If you make adopts:
Please contact me if you might be interested in trading art from us for your character designs. There's a high chance you have a character I'm really interested in but can't afford.

Characters we're looking for/super interested in: piñatas, pool toys, taurs, stuffed animals, demons, two+ headed creatures, critters w/ more or less limbs than average, sphynxes/critters w/ people faces, dolls, eye strain colors, straightjackets, kaiju/macro, uncommon species, weird shit, pretty much anything monstrous.

If you want to buy adopts:
All available adopts will be in a folder in our gallery! No adopts that are sold will stay up.
Buyer of our adopts will get the full size original image and a painted icon of your new character!

Links and Contact Details
No contact details added.
6 months, 1 week ago
thanks for the fave
7 months, 2 weeks ago
just saying hi and watching n_n
7 months, 3 weeks ago
Thankie for the fave! Interesting page you all have here! I like it
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