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The greatest Grandpa in the world by TobiasRadjin
The greatest Grandpa in the world
Were back Bitchz
I'm back and it's time to make up for lost time
6 years, 4 months ago
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The greatest Grandpa in the world by TobiasRadjin
The greatest Grandpa in the wo...
Grandpa's new Pajamas by TobiasRadjin
Grandpa's new Pajamas
Grandpa rubbing his tummy by TobiasRadjin
Grandpa rubbing his tummy
Grandpa by TobiasRadjin
A Grandfather with his Grandchild by TobiasRadjin
A Grandfather with his Grandch...
Sexy Grandpa by TobiasRadjin
Sexy Grandpa
Big Belly Grandpa by TobiasRadjin
Big Belly Grandpa
Silvermane is stuffed by TobiasRadjin
Silvermane is stuffed
New Submission by NightCrest
New Submission
Gurume Gattsu by NightCrest
Gurume Gattsu
Stuffing Shinden  by tato
Stuffing Shinden
by tato
It is time to know a little bit about the guy behind the Mask.

Hi, I'm chris and I'm pleased to meet ya! I'am just a regular guy with alot of Friend and Family on the Net and IRL. As you can tell I'am into a lot of stuff like Anime, AVM's, Cosplaying, Cartoons, Conventions, Games and Music. I'am very glad I have alot of loving Friends on Livejournal. I love the Otaku/furry fandoms(thanks Komache!)I have been in it for a little over 4 years, I love it every second of it except the Fangirls and 4Chan. Also I'm a fur from the Vermont(that makes me a hick!) and I like my little state! :)

I'am a very strong duelest in the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG, I have made 5-2 twice up at Montreal's Regionals Tournament. I love Music with a good beat like J-Pop and DDR music like 'Cartoons Heroes' and 'Ready Steady Go!'. You can tell that from my Vids I post on my Journal. XD

I love to go to Conventions, I'm a avid convention goer. I have been to the biggest Anime Convention on the east Coast, Otakon. I love traveling and going to different places like Otakon and AnimeBoston. If I ever go to my first every Furrie Convention it would be AnthroCon or Fur Fright

I love all sorts of Video games like Pokemon, Ouendan 2 and Elite Beat agents. Love to play video games for the story line and character developement through out the game. ^^

Also you can tell I'm a Steampunk, I'm mostly into Shows like Doctor Who(1Oth and 11th doctors) and Torchwood, because they both have a Victorian feel to them. Steampunk is more of a way of life, than a Fandom and it's fun to be one. Even my Yu-Gi-Oh deck is steampunk, with Cards like Junk Warrior, Turbo Warrior, Nitro Warrior and Junk Destroyer, to name a few.

If you seen movies like, The Golden Compass and Wild Wild West, you seen Steampunk.

My character

My Character Silvermane Tobias Bloodpaw, is a normal Gray Wolf. But, what sets him apart from other Wolves, is his Black hand paws and his Giant belly. *pats Belly*

He weighs around 368 and has a 56 Waist. His Belly is so massive, he can eat 3 times more than a normal wolf. But he is so big, after eating a meal, he takes a nap to Digest all that food he swallows.

You can see him always wearing Jeans, Bright red shirt(a snug fit over his fat belly) and Gray vest.

His likes are food *points to belly*, Belly rubs, Books, Movies, good Anime(mid 90's and early 2000's), music and Friends.

Silverane Fun Facts! :)

Height 6'0"

Werewolf/Timelord metacrisis

Weight 368 pounds

Waist 56 inches

Can Swallow anything(incuding any fur who gets in the way).

Silvermane's Belly can increase up to 2 times of its original size(to take in more food and crushing bad guys with his bodyslam).

He's a 3rd degree blackbelt and knows sumo.

Silvermane's alter ego is Tobias Silvermane, a regular 6'0 235  pound pound human.

Silvermane's only downfall is that sometimes he thinks with his massive gut and gets into all kinds of trouble.

He can eat 3 times more food, than a normal Gray wolf.

Silvermane is very loyal to his friends and he will protect them at all costs.

Here some pic of my Suit(yes he's a fat fursuit)

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5 years ago
Happy new year.
5 years, 1 month ago
Hey. How's it going?
7 years, 4 months ago
thanks for the favs
7 years, 4 months ago
7 years, 4 months ago
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