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'Arctic Ice' Antler Dreamcatcher by TheSilverCaribou
'Arctic Ice' Antler Dreamcatcher
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'Arctic Ice' Antler Dreamcatcher by TheSilverCaribou
'Arctic Ice' Antler Dreamcatch...
Real Silver Fox Tail, Decorated by TheSilverCaribou
Real Silver Fox Tail, Decorate...
Osiyo ne tsi lugi!

That means 'hello and welcome' in Cherokee.  My name is Rain and I am a hobby taxidermist who specializes is 'guiltless' furs and crafts made from natural materials in traditional styles. My great grandmother was a Chippewa and my grandmother was born on a reservation in Oklahoma; from this background and the guidance of a few American Indian friends I have learned to take things made beautiful by nature and make them even more beautiful!

I pride myself in using NO unnatural materials in my crafts - even my sewing is done with dried deer sinew and bone needles. My wild bird feathers are mostly field collected in state parks (I have a legal permit for this) and my deer antler crafts are primarily made with sheds I've collected myself. My spearheads and arrowheads are hand-knapped from natural agate and flint; even the sage bundles used for smoke blessings are gathered by my own handed and dried for use. The furs you'll see offered here are scraped with flint blades and tanned using traditional chemical-free methods, then enhanced with beads, feathers and other such pretty little things. :)

What is a 'guiltless' fur, you ask? Yes, an animal did die to provide these furs. However...

* The animals were wild, not farmed. They certainly had better lives than the cow that became the hamburger you ate last week. ;)

*They were not harvested with cruel paw traps or other body-gripping traps, poisons, snares or with hunting dogs. Nor were food baits or timed feeders used to attract them.

* The animal is dispatched using either longbow, recurve bow, crossbow or musket/ powder muzzleloader style firearms. These weapons require extensive skill, have very limited reach and require the hunter to patiently stalk within close range - often as close as 25 yards.  This lends the advantage to the animal, not the human! I believe that the only honest hunt is a fair hunt where the hunter must employ great skill and cunning while the prey has every chance of escape.

* The hunts are free-range and not fenced in by any means.

*The entire body is used. While some animals are not considered edible (coyote, bobcat etc) just about everything else can serve a purpose. My furs came from hunts where the sinew, bones, teeth and claws will be used for some beneficial purpose. In many cases anything that cannot be used is returned to the region from which the animal came - usually buried to nourish the soil.

*In many cases the animal is hunted to provide materials for traditional American Indian garments and other historically significant items that are used in tribal gatherings and events.  My connections allow me opportunities to purchase raw skins and parts that are not needed for the intended garment/totem/weapon/etc. Waste not, I say!

*Every year I send a percentage of my sale profits to a California wildlife fund or sanctuary as a lump sum. My current choice for the year is the California Wolf Center (califoriniawolfcenter.org) Sometimes I create an item with the sole purpose of generating funds for a larger donation; most or all of the proceeds from these particular items are donated at the end of the year.  

* I do not buy furs or parts of unknown origin or from outside the USA.

So there you have it. Questions are welcome as are requests for photos of offered items from different angles, closer shots etc. Custom requests will always be considered; in fact I specialize in personalized dreamcatchers and can make them out of almost anything. Dreamcatchers that represent an entire family and can be passed down as heirlooms are rather popular with my buyers. :)

I currently have several items for sale. All items include lifetime repairs of beading/feather decorations at cost only. :)
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Animal abusers should be shot.
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