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Teufelshund is a Dark Grey (almost black) Anthro Hybrid most closely resembling a wolf. He is the the product of a military experiment to produce a super warrior with unmatched physical and mental capabilities. While smaller than lots of other anthro males, his muscles and bones are just as strong if not stronger than beings 5 or 6 times his size. He began military training at the age of 3 and was deployed by the United States Marine Corps (Hence his name Teufelshund = Devil Dog) at the age of 7 where served in active service until he was 27, when the program ended.

Having earned his freedom through service, Teufelshund now owns and operates a security contracting company called Integritas Universal. The companies mission is dedicated to the betterment of existence for all those who request their services as well as those whom regularly coexist and interact with their clients. [2/28/12] Commanding a massive private military complete with an enormous and ever growing armada of space ships and crafts of all sizes and kinds, he mostly handles jobs from allied governments who don't want to be or cannot be directly involved. However, because Teufelshund is a paladin, he will only accept the job if it meets his strict moral requirements.

In addition, Teufelhund purchased a massive amount of land he intended to use for military training base, though after purchasing it, he quickly realized the significance of that land and repurposed it into his own ranch, resort, and nature learning center called...

The Teufelshund Ranch. https://www.sofurry.com/groups/view?id=4463

Although he resembles a wolf he has the characteristics of many different animals from birds to rhinos. Some of his traits include but are not limited to:
FUR: Slash / fire proof, it also blocks all thermal signature but is still soft and silky smooth :P
SKIN: Super silky smooth but tough and thick, making him even more resistant to slashes, punctures, abrasions, heat, fragments ,and even some projectiles.
(Note: Hands and feet are bare (no hair) on palms and soles.)
EYESIGHT​​​​​​​: Is most excellent day and night, and even underwater but to a limited degree.
HEARING: Is superb above or below the water, though due to years of loud explosions it had deteriorated some.
BONES and MUSCLES: Both are super dense and super strong despite their size compared to bigger creatures.
BODY: Rapid healing and even regenerate to a degree.
CLAWS: Sit atop fingers and toes as human fingernails and toenails but can retract to not scratch.
BLOOD: Despite the fact that it isn't magical and the effects are only temporary, Teuf's blood is still sought after mainly by vampires for its regenerative qualities, immense nutrients, heat/light protectiveness, and the exquisite taste.

SCENT: Teufelshund has NO detectable scent unless you're within 15in or 38cm. His scent is his natural smell, not necessarily a sexual musk and it can only be described as a fresh, woodsy smell most closely resembling Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani.

SEXUAL SCENT: Although his scent normally stays the same despite his arousal level, there are times when Teuf's scent changes to a more vibrant and passionate smell. This usually happens when he is sexually frustrated or when his sexual tension is at it's boiling point. The scent can most closely be matched to something like Fierce by Abercrombie and Fitch.

Reproductive Details:
Because there was so much extensive research and money being poured into the project already, by the end, the designers recognized that there would be little to no hope of securing enough funding to even continue production, let alone furthering research.  With that in mind, they set out to try and possibly create the same results through more natural methods via Teufelshund's extensive reproductive characteristics.

The idea was to hopefully be able to breed Teufelshund with a select group of females who possessed the carrier gene, enabling them to produce offspring that had all of the engineered traits that he possessed. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how it's looked upon, no female has ever been found or produced to be a 100% match for the special carrier gene needed, making Teufelshund the only one of his kind.

(For more info, please visit my Sofurry Adult Profile)
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