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Orange Flower by FurCollector
Orange Flower
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Orange Flower by FurCollector
Orange Flower
Alvin / Simon redux by Lando
Alvin / Simon redux
by Lando
Proposition by Lando
by Lando
Oh Alvin by Lando
Oh Alvin
by Lando
a new version of Alvin by KitHawking
a new version of Alvin
Brittany and Alvin by Lando
Brittany and Alvin
by Lando
Hi, everybody! My name is Ben.
I'm your average college student, working hard to make it on my own in this loud, busy world.

I want to let you in on a little not-so-average secret of mine, though...
On my eighteenth birthday, my life was changed forever in the light-speckled depths of Yosemite National Park.
It was there that the Goddess of Life, Naturae (nay-TIUR-ee) called upon me to save a dying species.
It is a sacred duty that my ancestors swore to their family name in ancient times, the offering of body and soul
to preserve the continuum of life.

There was only one young, fertile Snowcrest Chipmunk remaining in Yosemite National Park and in the whole world;
Naturae's powers allowed her to see these things.
Interestingly, but not entirely unfortunately, that last remaining chipmunk was male...

This is how I came to inhabit the body of a young female Snowcrest Chipmunk named Tesla.
My new mate and I endeavored to bear life during those few Summer months, but it was not as simple as it should have been.
For we were pursued relentlessly by Naturae's nemesis, Mystaer: the Goddess of the Setting Sun, who believed that my
bloodline's ancient pact with Naturae defied several laws set forth for supernatural beings to follow.

In the end, we defeated Mystaer and I delivered my first litter against a blazing sunrise.
The dryads of Naturae later took the babies away and socialized them as wild chipmunks, and in my human form
I returned to my family, who of course knew my fate in these woods all along...

I have returned every Summer since, to help bring new life into the world.
It is not only my sworn duty, but it is pleasurable and satisfying to me as well.
With every litter I bear, I can feel more of my human memory fading as I gaze upon the forms of my newborns.
The dryads, who now allow me to partake more in raising and socializing my babies,
tell me it is only a matter of time before the pact is complete, and my mind is inseparable from Tesla's.

While I await the year that my fate is happily sealed in the forest,
I am working on an Associate's degree in veterinary technology, because I have developed a binding love for all living things.
In my free time, I enjoy writing stories, drawing, composing music, and taking care of my wonderful pet rats.

Thanks for visiting me here on Inkbunny! Enjoy your stay!
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