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A misconception of romantic dinner by Terraaaaaaahh
A misconception of romantic dinner
Yaaaay! XD
It seems people are starting to notice me! Thankies for all the faves and watches people!! X3 Also! thankies for the lovely 3 comments!!!! XD
10 years, 6 months ago
Nyahaaa!! Hello everyone!!
My name is Terra! Pleased to meetcha!! Im a digital artist! And i have lots of works to upload here... XD ATM i have only uploaded 3 of my old pics! But i have around 20 submissions waiting to be subm...
10 years, 6 months ago
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A misconception of romantic dinner by Terraaaaaaahh
A misconception of romantic di...
How to bake your own Terra! by Terraaaaaaahh
How to bake your own Terra!
A true Kitty Burglar!! by Terraaaaaaahh
A true Kitty Burglar!!
Mmmm!! A squishy chicken dinner!! by Terraaaaaaahh
Mmmm!! A squishy chicken dinne...
Nuuuuu!!  by Terraaaaaaahh
Smexiness from an odd angle! by Terraaaaaaahh
Smexiness from an odd angle!
Assasin chicken!!! by Terraaaaaaahh
Assasin chicken!!!
A Bird of Paradise! by Terraaaaaaahh
A Bird of Paradise!
My name is Terra and Im from Finland! The land of Sandy Claws! I draw super colorful eye burningly cute cutesy thingies like pink lugias!! So if ya like cute combined with sexy, dig your nose deep into my gallery!!
I personally dont enjoy drawing porn too much, but as this A PORN SITE AFTERALL!!!! I have a few of those images in my galleries too. But theyre mainly requests or commissions.
My hobbies are drawing, pokemon card collecting, gaming and watching porn. I also love to rp! Im a reall nice person!! Or atleast i try to be! But as all female specimens, I know how to nag too!! So dont be too annoying okay?
I hate drawing for other people without a reason, so if you really think i should draw something for you, you better have a pretty darn good reason!
Uhhhh.... Well about the gaming part, im not really a pc gamer or a super gamer gamer. Im mostly only a portable gamer, and I love nintendo games! I also am a big fan of Final Fantasy series! And my personal favorite game ever is Dissidia Duodecim.
Im also super skilled at SSBB and i can even take down professional level players without too much trouble! SO if youre up for a challenge! Id love to destroy your confidence!
And that brings me to the second fact! Im a quite competitive spirit and it brings me great pleasure to hear excuses when people lose to me~ ''I blame the lag!!'' Is the most adorable.

Sooo.... and.... well i like pokemon cards a lot because theyre so pretty!! So if you wish to make a poke-donation! your cards will find a very nice home here in Finland! I also do Commissions for pokemoncards! But then you gotta have something seriously valuable! Like a 10cm tall deck full of 1st editions!! Nyyyaaahahaha~ ''Being a holo doesnt make a card rare!!'' Remember those old words of chinese wisdom.

Thenn..... about my RP ''hobby'' I have looots of chars, my persona or whatever is Terra. Shes the blonde big boobied one. My fursona is also Terra, but in tiger form! though actually she isnt really furry as i dont like hair because its itchy and hot. Then my pokesona is probably my most popular sona, shes the shingy shadow lugia. The pink one.

Also! A word of warning! I dont seriously consider myself a furry, as i definitely enjoy to be a human in rp's more, and same goes with drawings. So if you expect me to draw a lot of furry....well dont! I like humans better! Though i really love to have my rp partners to be furries! theyre so soft and nice! XD I just like myself as a human better!!

Sooo.... i think.... thats about everything important about me!! Note me if ya wanna rp! Or something!! OR EVEN BETTER! MAKE A CARD DONATION!!!!

I DO COMMISSIONS IN EXCHANGE FOR POKEMONCARDS!!!!!!!!!! Tell me if youre interested!!

I was lazy enough to copy this straight from my FA page!! XD Maybe ill alter it someday
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10 years, 4 months ago
Terraaaaaaaaaaaaawr! :3
10 years, 6 months ago
Rawr!!! Welcome to IB! :3
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