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Previously known as TenshoKaiser.
Stats joined 6 years, 2 months ago s 17 j 3 v 2,047 v:s 2,033 v:j 14 f 133 w 37 c:g 0 c:r 13
Spyro's Next Adventure by TenshoKai
Spyro's Next Adventure
Back to School [COMMISSIONS = OPEN]
Hey there everyone! I hope you all have been well and for those who back in school (like myself) I wish you the best of luck! As for me, I only have three more semesters to go until I graduate! Also, ...
2 years, 9 months ago
Commissions are OPEN!
PRICE SHEET: https://inkbunny.net/s/1620075 Regular Commissions: Sketch: $10 per character Lines: $17 per character Flat Color: $25 + $20 per additional character Shading: $30 + $25 per additional ch...
3 years ago
Using Inkbunny
Hello there! I've had this Inkbunny account for a while to just follow some artists that I don't see on FA (or see some of the content artists can't post there). I let this account stay in obscurity ...
3 years ago
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Spyro's Next Adventure by TenshoKai
Spyro's Next Adventure
Leaky Robin Hood by TenshoKai
Leaky Robin Hood
A Cub and Their Plush [Comm] by TenshoKai
A Cub and Their Plush [Comm]
Telegram Stickers: KCWM 2 by TenshoKai
Telegram Stickers: KCWM 2
Itchavi [Comm] by TenshoKai
Itchavi [Comm]
Telegram Stickers: KCWM 1 by TenshoKai
Telegram Stickers: KCWM 1
Telegram Stickers: Hammy by TenshoKai
Telegram Stickers: Hammy
Commission Price Sheet by TenshoKai
Commission Price Sheet
Rocky is the Best! [Comm] by TenshoKai
Rocky is the Best! [Comm]
Tensho, Protection Mage by TenshoKai
Tensho, Protection Mage
Foxes and Diaper Fashion by TenshoKai
Foxes and Diaper Fashion
Disney Daycare by TenshoKai
Disney Daycare
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Movie Poster by TenshoKai
Character Sheet [Eli] by TenshoKai
Diapered Rockstar by TenshoKai
Art by Me
Art I have made myself.
16 submissions
Diapered Rockstar by TenshoKai
Disney Daycare by TenshoKai
Foxes and Diaper Fashion by TenshoKai
5 submissions
Rocky is the Best! [Comm] by TenshoKai
Telegram Stickers: Hammy by TenshoKai
Telegram Stickers: KCWM 1 by TenshoKai
Art I made for commissions.
7 submissions
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The Rock Dog! by RooBoy
The Rock Dog!
by RooBoy
You're not going anywhere by Loupy
You're not going anywhere
by Loupy
The price for being nosy by Diaperfur
The price for being nosy
by Diaperfur
Hey guys,

My name is Tensho. I am a Siberian Husky and German Shepard mix; or just a Shepsky for short, the best dog species there is! Just so you know, I am a babyfur/diaperfur; most of the content in my gallery is diaper related. If you don't like babyfurs or diaperfurs, then you should leave the page right away!

My favorite medium is digital; I am currently using a Monoprice tablet and the SAI application. Love to paint and spin clay as well. I want to go into Game Design and Art as a career and I am currently going to school for it at UW - Whitewater. Like a lot of other artists and game addicts, I love Anime! In fact, I used to be the president of the Anime Club in my home town. I love the Yu-Gi-Oh series and card game. I also love: Death Note. Code Geass, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Fate Series, Food Wars and several others. I like playing Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons as well, though it has been a lot time since I got the chance to play DnD.

But anyways, I like to think of my self as (and always try to be) a nice and understanding guy. Sure I have made my mistakes in the past, but I don't plan nor want to repeat any of them. So if you want, feel free to say hi and chat if you want, though only sending a note with only "Hi" (and the like) as the subject or as the only word in the note is not a good starter for conversation. And please, don't just talk to me about my kinks or try to RP with me. If you want to have a conversation, I would love to, but my kinks and fetishes do not make all of who I am. And as for RPing, I only do it with close friends and people I feel comfortable around; SO PLEASE DO NOT ASK.

Go to my FA for more: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tenshokaiser/
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