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the Duelists of Menagerie:  Puzzles by SylvanScott
the Duelists of Menagerie:  Puzzles
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the Duelists of Menagerie:  Puzzles by SylvanScott
the Duelists of Menagerie:  Pu...
Colony at Cat's Paw by Sylvan Scott by SylvanScott
Colony at Cat's Paw by Sylvan ...
Nightlights by SylvanScott
Ant-Coon (Furvengers: Assemble!) by SylvanScott
Ant-Coon (Furvengers: Assemble...
Ironwolf (Furvengers: Assemble!) by SylvanScott
Ironwolf (Furvengers: Assemble...
Outskirts by SylvanScott
Heroes of Ampsburgh by SylvanScott
Heroes of Ampsburgh

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Colony at Cat's Paw by Sylvan Scott by SylvanScott
This pool contains stories I have written as commissions for others.
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I'm just a writer, really, with little uploaded to my name.  Most of the time, I post things on my own site, in my LiveJournal, or -rarely- on Macrophile.com.

FC1.Fv~ S$MA0+++++ S$^Horse^Kangaroo G$+ G$^Male
^Male H$8-f W$240-m T$3.25-f W$-f A$38 M$++++ H$++ M$++ M$Witchcraft P$+++ F$+^+++^++++^++++++^++++++++ S$+ N$Sylvan

Where did it all begin?

To give in to some "reductio ad absurdum", I guess you could say that I started as a comic book fan. The first thing I remember learning to read was a Superman comic book. Mom would run her finger under the text in the word balloons and help me read about the Last Son of Krypton's adventures. But, really, it didn't stop there.

Using my new-found love of reading, I began devouring science fiction, fantasy, and horror:  the trifecta collectively known as "speculative fiction". But SF was only a part of what made me the weirdo I am, today. Movies, art, and all manner of television touched my life. Greek myths and legends came my way from Mom while Dad worked on my natural addiction to cartoons by watching "the Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner Show" with me as a kid. But my biggest influence was yet to come.

I became a gamer in 1979 with "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" and that set the course of my life. I was published professionally by Mayfair Games back in the 90's for their tabletop horror game, "Chill". I had thought about using werewolves at the time but went to the wendigo, instead. Hey, it was a fuzzy monster, right? (Actually, it wasn't; I just kept thinking about the character that battled Alpha Flight.) I wrote short stories in "the Centaur's Gatherum Newsletter" and visited my ramblings on my friends and strangers, alike, through the alt.messageboards.

By the time I discovered the actual furry fandom, I found that had been a furry fan for years. These days, I still game -although have made room for online MMORPGs and strategy games like the "Civilization" series- and even continue to write, now and then.

Most recently, I've been playing "Guild Wars 2" in the "Destroy All Monsters" (DAM) Guild on the Crystal Desert server. You can contact me at Sylvan.6407 if you'd like to hang out some time.

Commission Info

Do you like to read stories of furry fantasy and anthro adventure? Are you interested in fiction ranging from the absurdly short (a 100-word Drabble) to the epic (short stories longer than 6,000 words)? Do you want an original story by a long-time member of the fandom who's been writing these tales since the early Nineties?

If so, please consider me for your next commissioned story.

As Sylvan Scott, I have been a writer in the furry community for many years. Much of that time, I would write for myself and friends. I have been professionally published in "Fang, volume 4" with the long-form short story, "The Long Walk" and am a contributor to "Megamorphics". I am known for macro/micro/hyper fiction but also write adventure, fantasy, science fiction, and horror.

I am offering to write stories for you based upon a description and any details you provide. I reserve the right to decline any commission that I do not think I could adequately complete or that would violate my own, personal standards.

Erotica (due to how subjective "arousing" can be and how difficult that makes it to accomplish) costs a little bit extra. Certain topics such as necrophilia, cub-porn, ageplay, scat, torture, or the like, I will not write. Non-consensual erotica, or other such potentially dicey situations, can be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

I cannot write about characters that you (or I) do not own. If you commission me to write about your characters, I can do that. You will retain ownership of those characters and I cannot use them in other works without your express, written permission. Appearances by characters I have created may be negotiated but, even if allowed, will still be owned by me.

I retain the resale rights for stories I create. If you wish to purchase the resale rights, yourself, that can be negotiated. This will usually double the price.

Let me know if you want me to post your finished commission on my own feed or not. By default, I will plan on putting up finished commissions in my own Gallery with an acknolwedgement to the commissioner.

If I am commissioned to write a story of a certain length and the end result is longer, the commissioner will not be charged extra. The agreed upon price shall remain in full force and the commissioner will merely get a bit "extra" for their money.

If I am commissioned to write a story of a certain length and the end result is shorter, and I cannot find a way to meet the minimum size that was ordered, I will inform the commissioner and only charge for the lower-size story.

For commissions below $25, payment should be paid in advance to my PayPal account.

For commissions above $25, half should be paid in advance with the second half being paid once the commission is completed and delivered.

Once a commission is finished it shall be emailed or otherwise conveyed to the commissioner; if public, if I retain the rights, it will not be posted by me in my feed until at least 1 week from the completion date.

NOTE: Money paid to me in advance will not be spent until the story is completed and delivered.

When you place a commission, have a general idea of genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Slice-of-Life are the most common. Others I have worked in include Steampunk, Space Opera, Science Fantasy, Super-Heroics, and Alternate History. If you like, leave the genre up to me and I'll use my imagination.

" Drabble (100 words) ... $2 ($3 for adult)
Flash Fiction
(100-1,000 words [usually less than 750]) ... $10 ($12 for adult)
Micro Fiction
(1,000-3,000 words) ... $20 ($25 for adult)
Short Story
(3,000-6,000 words) ... $40 ($50 for adult)
Large Short Story
(6,000-12,000 words) ... $60 ($75 for adult)

You will need to provide me:
" * A reliable way to contact you (email is best with phone for back-up).
* A description of what you want (general or specific details).
* Source material (descriptions, back-story, etc.).
* Assurance that you own any specific characters you are asking me to write about.
* The size of the story you would like (drabble, flash, micro, etc.).
* A statement saying that you understand my conditions of service.

In general, allowing me to use my own imagination will get you better results.

Contact me and we can see what I can do for you.

Samples of my writing can be found in my FurAffinity Gallery: Sylvan. Samples of Drabbles and Flash-Fiction can be found via this Journal entry: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3830704/

I hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing from you!

Sylvan Scott
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7 years ago
It's the hyper stories that get to me
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