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Consumer's Digest Volume 2: Proposal Extention - Nov 30th  by Swallowtail
Consumer's Digest Volume 2: Proposal Extention - N...
Want to be in Consumers Digest? READ THIS JOURNAL!
So you want to be in Consumers Digest? What? Did we already cover that in the title of this journal? Alright, we'll stop wasting your time then. If there's one thing we hate too it's wasting time. Why...
8 years, 7 months ago
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Consumer's Digest Volume 2: Proposal Extention - Nov 30th  by Swallowtail
Consumer's Digest Volume 2: Pr...
Consumer's Digest Volume 2: Proposal Reminder! by Swallowtail
Consumer's Digest Volume 2: Pr...
Consumers Digest: Volume 1- On Sale April 1st by Swallowtail
Consumers Digest: Volume 1- On...
 Consumers Digest Sampler Platter #1 - Spicy Version by Swallowtail
Consumers Digest Sampler Plat...
Consumers Digest Sampler Platter #1 - Mild Version by Swallowtail
Consumers Digest Sampler Platt...
Consumers Digest in 2014 by Swallowtail
Consumers Digest in 2014
You see a butterfly dancing amidst the snowflakes on the light winter wind. Its wings flash the most enchanting colors with every flap, a captivating kaleidoscope against the snowy landscape that surrounds you. It is only when the figment vanishes behind a barren sycamore that you realize it has led you far from your path, returning paw prints buried beneath freshly fallen powder. This new location is alien to you, familiar yet foreboding, and though no other being is in sight you can not shake the feeling of another's presence. Reluctantly, you again pursue the butterfly, the once gentle breeze now ripping cold straight through your fur. The feeling grows closer. The base of the tree is black like ink against the freeze, and as you circle the tree in search of color the surrounding landscape remains stubbornly persistent in its theme of featureless white. The feeling grows stronger. The cold runs up your spine now as the thought to look up strikes with crippling dread instead of hope. There, at last, is a final glimpse of color, washing over you as it turns all white to black. The feeling engulfs you, and you succumb to its weight. All of your destinations and desires now belong to another, but... at least its warm in here. Another figure rises and departs from where you once stood, diverging in a new direction as your path becomes a distant memory buried in the snow. The cold wind dies and a butterfly again takes flight on a gentle breeze, this one in particular warmer than the others as it carries with it the tinge of a loud, you-flavored belch.

Swallowtail Productions is a new publishing company that caters to a particular kind of audience... a hungry one. The vore community is one of the largest and most dedicated of its type within the furry world, but until now it has not had a dedicated content publisher and distributor. Swallowtail will be changing that 2014 with the release of Consumer's Digest, a variety magazine collecting works of a ravenous nature from vore's newest and biggest writers and artists. The magazine will prove appetizing to fans of all flavors of vore, and its feedback and success will allow Swallowtail Productions to expand its menu to even tastier projects in the future. Artists contributing to Swallowtail receive a share of every magazine sale, both print and digital, and this revenue sharing provides the community a more effective way to access the content it desires while better rewarding its content producers for their efforts. We look forward to feeding you in the coming months, and if our subject matter doesn't happen to be your thing, just remember... Everybody is hungry for something.

Feel free to contact us via Private Message.


Upcoming Projects:

Consumers Digest: Sampler Platter #1!
in March 2014

Goobamon Collectible Card Game - Gotta Digest them All!
in Development

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