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So, I'm new to this sight as of January of 2014, however I'm a veteran of other art sights, such as Fur Affinity and Deviant ART. Using DA's unique system, I'm a Hobbyist Writer that occasionally gets an urge to sketch something. I'm a male, pretty much a stereotype of my gender. Lazy, unmotivated, and all around bothersome. :)

To be honest, I'm a bit of a loner. I prefer my games and computer over being outside and spending time with other people. That's not to say I don't want friends, just that I don't really have much experience with interacting with them beyond a computer screen.

So...yeah. Here's a list of things I will or won't do.


I would also like to point out that my general day consists of staring at a computer screen nine tenths of the day. This, in turn, makes me irritable later on in the day due to migraines. I apologize beforehand if I come across as rude during the evening.

Anyways, I got one last thing for you all, then I'll shut up. I got into the habit of researching famous and well liked quotes a few years back and have occasionally pumped out my own quotes that I like to believe describe how I live my life. I just want to share them to give you a better idea of what ind of person I am.

"Perfection is a point of view, not a fact" This is my very first original quote, and the one I am most proud of. I do not believe in perfection. I will never use the word perfect to describe something, though it sometimes slips when I'm being sarcastic.

"There is no love more pure and beautiful than the love shared between children" This is actually my most recent quote as of now. Love is a hard emotion to understand and find, usually because lust has a nasty habit if disguising itself as love. A love between children however cannot be tainted by lust because they aren't yet capable of experiencing that emotion. It allows them to know the differences between love and lust better than most ever will when they finally reach that age.

"Home is where the world can't reach you" Home should never be a place where the difficulties of the world bothers you. To me, when I'm at home, work is the last thing on my mind unless absolutely necessary. I go home not because it's where I live, but because it's where I unwind and just let the world move on without me for a while.

"No two beings are truly the same. There will always be something, somewhere, or maybe even someone that will differentiate between them" This is pretty straight forward. I'm all for equality among us, but true equality is impossible to achieve, simply because being truly equal requires being exactly the same as everyone else. Not possible. Instead, I try to look at things from more than one point of view. Maybe I won't like some of the differences between us, but at least I try to understand them. And maybe, I can even learn to accept them.
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