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Name: Felicity Amor
Nicknames: Fel, Lis, Alpha, Super alpha
Age: 21
Birthday: October 23
Species: Wolf, Demon wolf, Shape shifter
Gender: Female
Sexual orentation: Bisexual
Relationship status: Happily married

I do various things as far as arts and crafting. I work on crochet and macrime projects. These projects are all done in yarn, string, or hemp. I draw as well, flats and shaded things. I do not do any work containing sexual content. I mostly do badges and I'm always working on new ones. I do have sales of things other than art or projects, now and then. Think of it as a yard sale, but online. Items in these sales will very depending on what I'm selling them to raise money for.

Contact info details: My computer currently needs repaired so until then I'll be online whenever I can borrow one. The best ways to contact me are through Skype or FA. I'm not always on Skype so just leave me a message and I will message you back as soon as I get online. I'm almost always on FA. I use the Ipod throughout the day to check everything on FA. Just send me a note and I'll be back to you within the hour.

Payment info details: All payments are final. I only take payments via PayPal. My prices are usually pretty cheap. Not everyone is made of money, so I try to make it easier for those of us who are short on cash. The only time a payment will be refunded is if I'm unable to finish something that you ordered. If you order multiple items you will only be refunded for thee items that I am unable to complete. It's very rare, but the only reason I would be unable to complete any project would be a shortage or run out of supplies needed for that item.

 I do take tips and donations, but please pm me first.

I do RP and I am a hugger so beware ^_^ Because I hug at random. I love making new friends, so even if you don't want to buy anything from me feel free to say hello. Nothing sexual please. As I said above I'm happily mated and I'm not looking for anything else.

if you don't see any work you want on here then head over to my FA. I keep 90% of my work there along with my commission info and pricing. I will also be wrighting some short stories that may lead to a book. Some of my friends will be featured in these stories and will have a shot at being in the full book if the stories do well. I do plan on having these published so I will be placing character info stating who they belong to, in the stories and possible book. Why? I love my friends and I will not let anyone steal their sonas.
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