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*Waves paw* Hello there!
My name is Clara, but I go by Suki or Wolfess.
I am a beginner digital artist, only been doing it for about 3 years now.
I have always considered myself a furry in a way you could say.
Even as a child I had more of a connection with my pets rather then with friends at school.
But as I grew older and my pets/friends passed away I started getting more interested in the furry community.
I started drawing animals and neko's in 7th grade, then I did my first full anthro/furry probably about 5 years ago.
I even consider the wolf my spirit animal/guardian... I know weird but true :3

Well now for you all to get to know me a bit better.
I have a adorable 5 year old son named Adrian <3
Well I am usually considered a mix of Gamer/Geek/Goth/Rocker/Anime Freak
So my style is: black shirts, with either gamer, anime, bands, or anything goth on them.
As for bottoms usually light flared blue jeans, black pants, or tripp pants.
Shoes are either skater shoes or goth/biker boots.
I also tend to collect and wear anything Asian, have a few kimono's, sandals, snacks and drinks, and other odds and ends.
My hair varies throughout the year short in the hotter months to longer in the colder months.
I have five tattoos: Set of moon and star on my back shoulder blades, paw on my right hand,
soul eater skull on my left calf, and a spider skelanimal on my right ankle.
I also have three piercings: my ears once and my lip on the lower left.

As for things I am in to and just plain out like...
I love all kinds of anime, cosplay, yaoi, Anime music, vocaloid, or anything Asian oriented!
Also big on gaming, from Console, PC, table-top, card, and even board.
I also love to Role-Play, and anything from casual to sexual, even master/slave!
I love me some MMO's & RPG's! I mainly play the Xbox witch my gamer tag should be down farther in my profile :3
I like just about any music, but fave is Rock and Techno. Favorite band is KoRn!
Also I love photography, and do photo shoots every now and then.
Lets see I have 5 tattoos, one of witch is a paw print on my right hand. Also have my ears peirced and lip.
I love going ghost hunting and exploring, witch usually leads to bonfires XD
Also been ghost hunting for around 11 years and love doing photography in the field.
I am pretty shy in person, even sometimes online but I love talking to others none the less.
So don't give up on me if I seem a bit backward, I just get nervous...
I may not come off as such but I am a huge perv, But only if I know you a bit first XD

I can get along with just about anyone as long as you don't rip into me for no reason.
When that happens be prepared to get this wolfess teeth XD

I came here in hopes of meeting other furries, and artists, and to better my art.
So don't be shy and come check my gallery out, and talk to me :3


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-Head Shots-
-Full Body-
-Ref Sheets-
(Extra characters cost more)

(Commission Prices and more info found in link bellow)


1: alizabethshepherd-- [FA] (Sketching...)



PayPal: Suki_Dono[at]yahoo.com
(Tips are always very appreciated, and feel free to let me know so I can thank you!)


"Regardless of the situation, no matter how hopeless the outcome may be, I will never quit, and I will never back down. Become the wolf."
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