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gun slinger by SparaticVoltage
gun slinger
you could win a hooded scarf lots of fun hip hip hooray https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2914435/ Details here
7 years, 11 months ago
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gun slinger by SparaticVoltage
gun slinger
Ferret Scarf by SparaticVoltage
Ferret Scarf
Smooth jazz by SparaticVoltage
Smooth jazz
Cogs Parents by SparaticVoltage
Cogs Parents
Discovery by SparaticVoltage
the strongest man in the world by SparaticVoltage
the strongest man in the world
Look at this guy by SparaticVoltage
Look at this guy
The Travels of a dreaming man by SparaticVoltage
The Travels of a dreaming man
Say cheese by SparaticVoltage
Say cheese
Overlooking Odicassie by SparaticVoltage
Overlooking Odicassie
DOOK by SparaticVoltage
Welcome to the Odicassie by SparaticVoltage
Welcome to the Odicassie
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I am a big fan of Doctor Who, Cowboy Bebop and anything postapoclyptic survivalisim

>.>   ferret_furs watch your shinies

Mated to the wonderful   riguel Sooo sorry no yiffs for art

I love making friends any one willing to talk to me has a chance of being my friend

I got some Good buddies on here as well

and a Group of Weird and wired people

I like gift art
It always makes me happy to think someone took the time out of there day to do something nice for someone
and i will almost always pay the person back with art

Clothing ref: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/4841670/
skin ref and Bio: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/4837805/

I also Go by T.K, Koen, plati and Mr. Platypus

I am one of the only platypuses i've heard of
i know of one other one
my fursona is constantly being tweaked for what ever reason for these are just characters I use to identify my self on the internet (i wouldn't become any of them if i had 3 wishes, those 3 wishes would be teleportaion for me and my uncle and other random people around the world. to beable to shapshift and breath under water)

If i call you hun dun be freaked out

I call everyone hun

PORN IS NOT MAH THING sorry i do not draw yiff. if i do decide to i'll let you know
i dun wanna become well know for the way my penis Looks >:C <----XD its jake(inside Joke)

I'm a really nice person (atleast I hope people see me that way) and i'm easy to get along with

Info :D

and be for warn I will work at my own pace (dun pester me to get it done) if you do so i will draw you a stick figure with cat ears and send you your money back.

that dun mean you have to be afraid to remind me.
I'm a forgetful person.

Pay pal is Koda-kaster@hotmail.com
please leave me a note of who you are attached to the Email and PM me what you want first
any questions contact me at Toay_K[at]hotmail.com on MSN (not email)

you will also recieve my info to purchase a piece from me
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