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What chu lookin' at? by SmallTimidBean
What chu lookin' at?
*A Slightly Smaller Explosion*
Hey guys just a quick update; My benefit issue has been sorted and I'm no longer in the negative in my bank account so yay! A not so yay is because I've been so stressed out, I've been really sick (t...
2 years, 6 months ago
Aaah, sorry I've been gone again, a lot has been happening what with the holidays and y'know, I forget sometimes But right now, I'm kinda dealing with a pretty big problem, basically, the benefit I g...
2 years, 6 months ago
Sleepy October Rambles and Commissions Reopened
October's been a bit of a sleepy month, what with just having moved and all that, and a lot of mental health stuff, so art quality and quantity have been a bit spotty I'd really like to start up a big...
2 years, 9 months ago
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What chu lookin' at? by SmallTimidBean
What chu lookin' at?
Mazarine the Shiny Rockruff by SmallTimidBean
Mazarine the Shiny Rockruff
MMMEEEMMMEEE by SmallTimidBean
Angha Design for Sesameseedbuns! by SmallTimidBean
Angha Design for Sesameseedbun...
New Squishy Bab by SmallTimidBean
New Squishy Bab
Morgan and Daisy by SmallTimidBean
Morgan and Daisy
Inktober Day 2 Bobby by SmallTimidBean
Inktober Day 2 Bobby
Inktober Day 1 Spooksona by SmallTimidBean
Inktober Day 1 Spooksona
Inktober Day 12 Flowers by SmallTimidBean
Inktober Day 12 Flowers
Pinata Bab by SmallTimidBean
Pinata Bab
Scraps! by SmallTimidBean
Birthday Bean! by SmallTimidBean
Birthday Bean!
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FlutterPie Stuffing - Commission by SmallTimidBean
Angha Design for Sesameseedbuns! by SmallTimidBean
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Cake Gryphon by SmallTimidBean
FlutterPie Stuffing - Commission by SmallTimidBean
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DemiHuman Adopts UPDATED by SmallTimidBean
Mini Furry Adopt Batch 1 by SmallTimidBean
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Inktober 2016 roundup - with pictures! by Inkbunny
Inktober 2016 roundup - with p...
by Inkbunny
sleep by SilverOsa
by SilverOsa
Blood Bat by LizzDragonLord
Blood Bat
Its Raining by MrShin
Its Raining
by MrShin
Hi! I'm Bean, and I'm just an artist since 2009, trying to share some of my brainrambles :3
My OCs are my all and everything 💖
This account can be mildly NSFW!

Commissions and Art Trades are Open to anyone! Collabs and Gifts are friends only! I do NOT do Requests!

I'm on tumblr a lot;
smalltimidbean.tumblr.com/ is my SFW Art Blog
oneshortstackofpancakes.tumblr… is my NSFW Art Blog
toyhou.se/missuscupcake/characters is my Toyhou.se

And picarto.tv/SmallTimidBeanDrawz is my Picarto, I announce when I stream!

My Commission Info can be found here
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Fur Affinity
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