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Previously known as FoxGirlBitch1.
Stats joined 2 years, 10 months ago s 46 j 2 v 390 v:s 387 v:j 3 f 11 w 3 c:g 2 c:r 3
Voodoo Life Can Be Painful by SikerMiddleVampire
Voodoo Life Can Be Painful
Need To Upload All My Artwork Here Too
‌Gosh..I Don't Know When I Came Here To See All My Artwork Here...I Stared In Upload All The Art I Have On DA.Im Doing The Same Thing On My FA Too. Siker♦
8 months, 2 weeks ago
Moar Art To Come
‌Well Here Siker-MiddleVampire Speaking Im Working To Improve My Art Skills Everyday... Well I Don't Know What Kind Of Charas And That Things I Will Upload... Meh...Mmm..Oki Im Still Working - v - ~S...
1 year, 7 months ago
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The Shadows Of The World WIP by SikerMiddleVampire
The Shadows Of The World WIP
Vixen In  Lingerie by SikerMiddleVampire
Vixen In  Lingerie
Sikara Alissa Humanized by SikerMiddleVampire
Sikara Alissa Humanized
Sadness On A Wedding Day by SikerMiddleVampire
Sadness On A Wedding Day
Voodoo Life Can Be Painful by SikerMiddleVampire
Voodoo Life Can Be Painful
Sikara Alissa by SikerMiddleVampire
Sikara Alissa
Kiss To The Shy Prince Sketch by SikerMiddleVampire
Kiss To The Shy Prince Sketch
Ally by SikerMiddleVampire
My Desktop Wallpaper by SikerMiddleVampire
My Desktop Wallpaper
Shhh!!I Will Kill You by SikerMiddleVampire
Shhh!!I Will Kill You
JH3 Dembo.EXE by SikerMiddleVampire
JH3 Dembo.EXE
Give Me Mah Cookie by SikerMiddleVampire
Give Me Mah Cookie
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Two Worlds by SikerMiddleVampire
My Second Heart by SikerMiddleVampire
Behind The Mask by SikerMiddleVampire
JoseHumberto3 OC's In My Style
All The Main OC's By My Mate♥
10 submissions
Fun with pet by CobaltPie
Fun with pet
by CobaltPie
Mermaid's friend forever by CobaltPie
Mermaid's friend forever
by CobaltPie
Sonic Anthro by CobaltPie
Sonic Anthro
by CobaltPie
Im Rosalba Rodriguez But You Can Call Me Anelle Or Siker♦.Im A Traditional Kemono/Furry Artist Since 2004.I Love Furry And Sonic Style.
I Play A Variety Of Viedogames,My Most Favorite Of All The Times Is ''Conker's Bad Fur Day''And The XBox Version ''Conker Live And Reloaded''
If Someone Want To Meet Me More Just Ask Me ;3
~On Relationship With My Mate JoseHumberto3 Since September 1st Of 2012
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Fur Affinity
Furry Network
Second Life
8 months, 2 weeks ago
Your welcome *high five* :3
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