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Hey Baby, Have ya got the Jiggle!? by Shiftl0ck
Hey Baby, Have ya got the Jiggle!?
Don't know if its just lack of keywords, but kind of surprised at the lack of results from me searches. Oh well. As for me, not new to the fat furs/bbw/stuffing etc etc scene, but am new to finally ...
2 months ago
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Hey Baby, Have ya got the Jiggle!? by Shiftl0ck
Hey Baby, Have ya got the Jigg...
Cushion Comparison by Denizen1414
Cushion Comparison
Out of a Job, But Plenty of Pizza by therealfalconpawnch7
Out of a Job, But Plenty of Pi...
Account for the more *devious* side of me. This *WILL* contain, but is not limited to... fats, feedings, stuffings, etc. Few may be scats, and possible vores, but most will be just showcasing fats, and most will be involved with my favourite furry girls - (Princess Sally Acorn, Fiona Fox, CoCo Bandicoot, Elora Faun to name a few), but I certainly will have other cute ass girls featured too! Emphasis will be on sexy bulging bellies, but some thicc ass thighs of thunder and bouncy ass cheeks are wonderful too! Oh DAT ass! My releases will probably be slow and inconsistent... as they will be mostly just selected bits, instead of everything I do, and will mostly be works that showcase things/traits/behaviours/ideals I actually do find fascinating and wonderful. I am pretty picky on fats art, and I tend to stray towards more realistic fats, but its not something set in stone! A super sexy belly is one that is NOT just a ball! It's gotta have curves, contours, and unexpecteds!
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