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[Old] Shane head expressions by ShaneProduction2014
[Old] Shane head expressions
My first weed story
Now before I do begin yes? I must inform you this is a real, my first actual weed experince. now I'm not sure how Inkbunny, how their rules and such on drugs such as this can be a sentive thing so if...
1 day, 14 hrs ago
~Attention people! I am now taking commissions now!~ yes, that is right and with the opening of my new paypal, they are super cheap as well! Sense I am drawing with 3DS tech, I'm making these super c...
1 month, 1 week ago
My honest thoughts on Inkbunny
Hello, this is Shane of ShaneProductions2014 hereby brining you yet another rant! ouo now I like drawing and bringing my art to light to show you all lewd boys who come and stare at my art, give it a...
2 months ago
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Incredibly busty by ShaneProduction2014
Incredibly busty
The incredible backside! by ShaneProduction2014
The incredible backside!
the Incredibly thicc! by ShaneProduction2014
the Incredibly thicc!
[UnderProductions] Shane the Hybrid by ShaneProduction2014
[UnderProductions] Shane the H...
[Drawing Ref/Guide] Thicc Shane (The Hybrid) by ShaneProduction2014
[Drawing Ref/Guide] Thicc Shan...
a Thicc~ sitting lamp post but its in Black ops 4! by ShaneProduction2014
a Thicc~ sitting lamp post but...
a Thicc~ sitting lamp post! by ShaneProduction2014
a Thicc~ sitting lamp post!
[Happy Halloween!] Morgana Emblem remake! by ShaneProduction2014
[Happy Halloween!] Morgana Emb...
[Old] Pink is the new Shane by ShaneProduction2014
[Old] Pink is the new Shane
[Old] Shane head expressions by ShaneProduction2014
[Old] Shane head expressions
Busty Bat Blues by ShaneProduction2014
Busty Bat Blues
Amy's Big Bust by ShaneProduction2014
Amy's Big Bust
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[Upper body] Shane (Ultra Instinct) by ShaneProduction2014
Amy's Big Bust by ShaneProduction2014
Busty Bat Blues by ShaneProduction2014
Art on the 3DS
pretty obvious when you think about it
11 submissions
DylanDaKid by ShaneProduction2014
Low Rez/Quality Pics
these pics in this folder will have low rez/quality pics all because I dont want to digitalize every pic I made so I'm keeping here in one day I'll get a new PC to digitalize these Proper!
1 submission
Kitty Shane by ShaneProduction2014
Karren 2.5! by ShaneProduction2014
Princess Fem-Shanes and her "Peaches" by ShaneProduction2014
Old art reuploaded
these are old art I have made back in the past before now so welcome to my history museum of old art that baby Shane drawn
17 submissions
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✨Daffy Fang✨ by LewdCartoonz
✨Daffy Fang✨
New Submission by LewdCartoonz
New Submission
Neil has officially been destroyed by LewdCartoonz
Neil has officially been destr...
Roxy by LewdCartoonz
Thank U, Next~ ❤️ by Nyanobites
Thank U, Next~ ❤️
[Final] Roxanne the Hedgehog by Nyanobites
[Final] Roxanne the Hedgehog
.:Team Valkyrie:. by Nyanobites
.:Team Valkyrie:.
Your Smile~ by Nyanobites
Your Smile~
IT'S TIME TO... duel? by Robinebra
IT'S TIME TO... duel?
by Robinebra
Happy MILF Day 2015 - Kanga by Viro
Happy MILF Day 2015 - Kanga
by Viro
Ralsei FaceRig Release by Kaittycat
Ralsei FaceRig Release
by Kaittycat
Doctor Bang by daddysexbang
Doctor Bang
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__please read before proceeding onward_______

due to the base keybored of my laptop breaking,
I have no way to use the computer till I can either
replace the broken keybored or get a new PC
all together so most (if not all art) will be Digitalized
through a 3DS coloring program called "Colors! 3D"
I don't have a way to take and upload a picture sense
I dont have a phone so anything will (expect a rare few
that will be stated) will be remade on the 3DS.

But in the future when I do have a PC in some form, I'll be returning
to redraw/redo any art that I love and what you guys loved and will be
shown in intended glory. Thank you

I am Shane of ShaneProductions2014 here by bringing you a profile intro!

So who am I?
I am:
-an artist
-Doodle master
-a Pupper
and so much more but you came here to either look at my art, favorite my stuff or just coming here to thank me for watching and liking your stuff. whatever the case may be, I hope you are enjoying My content it may be!

to keep it simple, Imma put some things here. hope they help!


well I am always up to considering requests so dont be shy to submit an idea to me! I have an odd system but here it is:
1.when you give me an request. I'll think how close are we when it comes as friends, that'll determine how soon if I were to choose to draw
2.The O.C is a big one to take in sense it can say a lot to me if I'm up for it and not if its cool or sexy but also the design. if its next level shit, great detail and I'll may take my long and sweet time if I were to draw this but if its simple. then I'll be up to draw them sooner.
3. lastly the idea, setting of the request. I may be decent at drawing but dont ask for anything too crazy. I'm not a good but I cant wait to draw out the normal, fun and/or lewd art requests!

Now dont let this shy away from you, I'm likely to draw it out sense most case I'll like it

Do I roleplay?

A: well I do but with only a few choice people that I consider close!

Second life?
A: well I do have it and feel free to add me on there, just dont expect me to reply or anything sense I need a PC

Whats "Doodle-o-Rama?"
A: well its something I made for fun to really answer about the free requests thing, I sketeh it out and print it out along with the other drawings I respond to.
If a one certain picture does well and people love, I'll come back to that sketch and redraw it, color it all in and such!

well thats all I have for now so enjoy your stay in my profile ^^

█▒░░░░░░█▒░█▒░░░█▒░█▒ Put This
███▒░██▒████▒██▒████▒ On Your Signature
█▒░░░░░░█▒█▒░░░░█▒░░░ If You Do Erotic-Role-play
Links and Contact Details
Second Life
1 month, 1 week ago
You're welcome.
1 month, 1 week ago
No problem!
1 month, 2 weeks ago
Thnks for watch  !
2 months, 3 weeks ago
Sorry qwq I can’t beli I didn’t commented you
2 months, 3 weeks ago
Do I commented in your submissions? Because if I not god dammit I’m crazy or what?
3 months ago
Just dropping by to say that I'm very proud of you~
You've put up with so much and to see you continue drawing makes me so happy..
Seeing your art is a big part of both my motivation and inspiration.

I love you dearly, you mean the whole world to me, you're a blessing and a pleasure to have around~

Have a wonderful day sweetie~ 💕
4 months, 2 weeks ago
No problem, dude.
4 months, 3 weeks ago
4 months, 3 weeks ago
Your welcome  :3
4 months, 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the favorites ^^
4 months, 3 weeks ago
Thank you.
A lot of his art work, new and old heavily inspired me.
4 months, 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the faves! :3
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