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Jonathan's Updated Reference Sheet by SelfishMonsta
Jonathan's Updated Reference Sheet
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Jonathan's Updated Reference Sheet by SelfishMonsta
Jonathan's Updated Reference S...
Bizkit The German Shepherd Reference Sheet. by SelfishMonsta
Bizkit The German Shepherd Ref...
Jonathan Reference Sheet by SelfishMonsta
Jonathan Reference Sheet
Skrillex Reference Sheet by SelfishMonsta
Skrillex Reference Sheet
Voltage Reference Sheet by SelfishMonsta
Voltage Reference Sheet
Bangarang Reference Sheet by SelfishMonsta
Bangarang Reference Sheet
Lights/Signal Reference Sheet by SelfishMonsta
Lights/Signal Reference Sheet
StaticScatta Reference Sheet by SelfishMonsta
StaticScatta Reference Sheet
Hey and welcome to my page,
some of you may know me from FurAffinity(Scatta_WolfFox), I have been in this fandom for three years now and I love it so much.

I have 4 fursona's and 2 characters:

StaticScatta the Folf aka The EDM Butt Plug, Male:
 StaticScatta commonly shortened to either Static or Scatta is a green and black folf.
 He is an I-Doser, dancer, Skrillex fan and all round psycho. Static has a love for weird ass peirceings.
 Static exhibits a 'tough-guy' personality but really he's a softie that would do anything for his friends.
 Static has a love for anything full of sugar.

 Lights/Signal the alien fox aka The Stereosonic Fox, Male:
 Lights is a black and white alien fox.
 Lights has a love for anything electronic and has been known to hoard things that he finds interesting.
 He is also a dancer and is quite fond of EDM as well as pop artists, his favourite artist being Ellie Goulding and Skrillex.
 Lights is quite timid and shy, he will approach people, he just may take a while to do so.
 He doesn't communicate using words, instead he uses squeaks and chirps that no one on this planet can understand.
 Like Scatta he has an addicton to anything sugary.

Bangarang the Angel Dragon aka. the marshmallow-munching squeak pot, male
 Bangarang is a marshmellow and chocolate addicted squeak pot, he's a tiny little thing and loves hugs but is quite shy about it.
 His favourite color is blue. He can't fly but that doesn't bother him, he still likes his wings. Electronic music is his life, he sleeps, eats and lives while playing it.
 Bangarang is a dancer, he loves dancing.
 He is always up for hugs and fun, and pretty much anything that involves chocolate or marshmellows, hot chocolate with marshmellows is his number 1 favourite

 Voltage the electronic lab fox,(previously named Pegboard)
 There's not much to be said about this guy, he's pretty much a keep to himself kind of guy.
 It takes voltage a while to warm up to people.

And my two characters:
Skrillex, the red panda, coyote cross and
Jonathan a Belgian Shepherd Groenendel inspired by Jonathan Davis of KoRn.

I hope to have a HUGE suit collection one day.

Anyways this is my page, welcome.
I am always open for commissions
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