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Full Disclosure

Scorch Green Dragon, ScorchGD or Scorch is merely a character performed by the living man who is Chief Authorized Authority & Captain of his Vessels including this InkBunny account and many other legal Vessels including the US Vessel that bears the same name as the living man.

By entering this Vessel, through your own free will decision to enter, you enter the Captain's sphere of influence, domain, province (society?) and law jurisdiction at your own risk!

You agree to hold harmless the Captain of this Vessel offering, for free, access to his originally issued content delivered into this vessel that he has right of control but does not hold legal title to this Great Vessel known as "InkBunny".

Content of this Vessel may include material not suitable for some parties including images, videos, and highly detailed writing using both legal & lawful languages some may not fully comprehend.

Content may also include links or information from external sources this Captain did not create or originally issue.

If, through your own free will, you consciously decide to a have a problem with your original decision to enter this Vessel, its totally free content, and the Captain's law jurisdiction and influence then; free will still applies and you are certainly free to leave this Vessel forthwith. :)

Or, if you are unable to solve your own problem and desire to remain in this Vessel, simply bring your chosen problem and your desired remedy to the Captain and he will provide his services to you for a substantial consideration to be determined during contract negotiations.

And your desired remedy, to solve your chosen problem, must be acceptable and feasible within the law of this Vessel including the free will, rights, and liberties of all passengers and the Captain in control of, and responsible for, the health and security of his Vessels.

Also be advised any claim found to be mere opinion or, otherwise, a frivolous claim; shall be treated as such including possible counter-claim to recover damages caused by such frivolous claim(s).

And; if you consciously decide to have a problem with content the Captain did not originally create or author then; you are certainly free to bring your problem to the original creator of the external sourced content that you decided to have a problem with."

Please forgive this disclosure statement authored due to a history of those who failed to comprehend these obvious matters of common sense and common, supreme law of this land.

No Warranty Offered or Implied. All Rights and Liberties expressly reserved.

-End disclosure.

Begin profile

Scorch is merely a character performed by I; the living man who is an entrepreneur, self taught law student, major appliance repair person, peaceful inhabitant and authorized user of this occupied land (usufruct) and Captain of the US Vessel that bears my name.

Artistic talent: Custom fabrication of mechanical parts and systems including purely mechanical (no electrical system) diesel powered transportation, alternative energy systems, sex toys and various other things I have been fabricating since the late 1960s.

Mission statement: To help the furry community in any way I am able and to use my knowledge and resources to build a community / housing project for other furry fans such as myself and to date; I have donated well over $20,000.00 in goods, services and labor to the furry culture including my local convention before it was destroyed by excessive security costs as a direct result of SJW bullies writing threats of violence that local law authorities did classify as a "credible threat".

It (community / housing) will be geared to encourage and support creativity. It will be self sufficient with structures built to withstand mother nature's wrath such as monolithic domes and other modern possibilities such as new, state of the art, energy systems related to the vortex/torus “source field energy” that is found all throughout the natural world.

It will be free, or very low cost, for people of our furry culture to live there and/or contribute in their own capacity. When I build it; they will come from distant lands to live, prosper, and be happy in our furry culture.

I do not know what form this might take. Could be something built from the ground up or maybe something simple such as acquire apartment buildings and/or hotels for furry fans to live, be creative and hang out together.

For outsiders viewing this forum, and it's sexual content, and wondering 'what's up with that'?!?
Just like any OTHER aspect of ANY adult culture; role play and fantasies, are absolutely NORMAL.

And of course, furries, myself included, enjoy this freedom of these many types of expression in the worlds we create as we sojourn our Creator's land.

Here is a short documentary about what the furry culture is actually about: http://vimeo.com/17995012
What might be abnormal? Would that be deciding, for somebody ELSE, what their fantasies should be? Are you the fantasy police?

BTW and speaking of 'normal' or 'reality' or what some might describe as the "real" or "legal" name; it appears there is a legal entity that was created and issued by the federal corporation and known as"US Citizen" which is a legal PROPERTY and US VESSEL that belongs to the federal corporation as defined at USC 28-3002 paragraph 15 and USC 18-9 and evidenced by a "certificate" that certifies the existence of this US Vessel that I possess but do not own.

To put it simply: A “Transmitting Utility” was created out of necessity to complete that “connection” between real men and woman and everything else that is non-living corporations, legal entities and other properties.

This legal entity and federal property (US Vessel-Citizen-Transmitting Utility) was created by somebody ELSE at the time of my natural birth. I do not hold the absolute, legal, title or the tax certificate for IT; the US Vessel. I am merely the “Authorized Agent” Captain of the US Vessel per my contractual right of possession of this PROPERTY for which I am the CREDITOR for it and CAPTAIN of this US Vessel per my right in commerce. (“Good Faith and CREDIT of the American People” who are the Sovereign Issuing CREATORS of their stuff including their legal documents, legal entities, real property and government.)

Somebody once asked me: "Are you for real?". But one must consider this- What is defined as 'real'?
Is it a world created by corporations issuing mere legal fictions and people who actually believe they are a name printed on a government document Certifying the existence of a corporate property?

Do they honestly believe they are the federal PROPERTY that belongs to the corporation? Are they “for real” in this legal context in which they claim to be the property of and Debtor to the federal corporation their ancestors created for their Benefit?

Or are they Real Men and Women with both feet on the ground operating in a natural (organic) reality conducting many varieties of intercourse (as Creditors) in a down-to-earth place such as this web site where real people Originally Create and Issue their Original Creations to the CREDIT of their own being and culture and ALL that they Create and Originally Issue?

Are they appearing as the Creditor who is master of all his affairs (Sovereign) or are they appearing as the Debtor (slave) who is subservient to another who is their Master-Creditor?

My oath-
DO NO HARM in my pursuit of Truth, Science, Self-Discovery, Happiness, Prosperity, Spirituality, Healing, Private Travel and Law Studies.

My pledge-
I pledge to be an honorable, legally competent natural person with absolute jurisdiction and authority to administer my own lawful affairs and legal obligations as I exercise my inherent rights and liberties to appear and perform in many different capacities as I serve my creator during my sojourn in Urantia.

My cooperative offer-
To assist Public Servant-Trustee to Perform his/her Duty. What shall be the Term(s), Condition(s), and Consideration for my Performance of a Co-Operation with a Public Servant-Trustee?

So; how may this Officer assist you?

Do be advised I do not offer legal advice.
I only offer personal opinions, private contracts, or what I might, personally, do or simply provide links to other information which may not be authored (authorized) by me.

I also expect to be fully compensated for any goods or services I may provide including assisting others to solve whatever problem they choose to have or deal with and expect me to help them.

Details to be determined, constructed, and documented at the time of those contract negotiations including Offer, Term, Conditions, specific Performance and, of course, amount of compensation-Consideration.

All Rights, Freedoms and Liberties expressly reserved per the Supreme Law of this land including that of unidroit.

Kindest regards; Scorch.

A.k.A. Rodney Brian Graff.
A living man who first appeared sometime around October 1963 somewhere in the Nation-State-Republic of Nebraska of the union and, by this Law, is also Chief Executive-Beneficiary & Administrative Law Officer (CEAO) for the legal entity-Property known as a "US VESSEL" and transmitting utility known by the name - RODNEY BRIAN GRAFF© Which was not created by him nor does he hold the legal title or tax certificate for said US Vessel-Transmitting Utility. He is merely authorized to occupy the Executor's Office for it, be in full, Administrative, Control appearing as the Creditor and Captain of this US Vessel bearing his name in international commerce subject to the private, international law of https://www.unidroit.org and of course; Uniform Commercial Code including but not limited to UCC-1 Master ID and Validation Number: 2018204794
The public notice of my Commercial-Legal status, Standing and Agency may be viewed here: http://rodscontracts.com/public-notice/

Kindest regards; }:>
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