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Fal by SaphireBlueflame
What Drives Me to be an Artist.
Every artist has something that drives them to draw, paint, or sculpt. That drive is called "confidence". You want to put your mark on the world by drawing. Sketching. Painting. Suit making. ANYthing ...
10 years, 5 months ago
can someone please answer this for me?
Why do some furries like looking at yiff? Its really weird and CREEPY. Just why??
10 years, 5 months ago
Hi i am doing commisions. Send me a PM or add me ad a friend if you want to do commisions with me or comment here! Please read the list below! Note- I do not do nude furry commisions so please dont as...
10 years, 5 months ago
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Fal by SaphireBlueflame
Whut. by SaphireBlueflame
Gentle. by SaphireBlueflame
Screwwy the Purple Weasel. by SaphireBlueflame
Screwwy the Purple Weasel.
Silly Green Otter! by SaphireBlueflame
Silly Green Otter!
Dabriel character sheet. by SaphireBlueflame
Dabriel character sheet.
Ryder Character Sheet by SaphireBlueflame
Ryder Character Sheet
Myra Character Sheet by SaphireBlueflame
Myra Character Sheet
Blue Emo Wolf. by SaphireBlueflame
Blue Emo Wolf.
Otter by weaselgrease by GhostOtter
Otter by weaselgrease
Jackrow bust by PraiseTheSteel
Jackrow bust
[Flash] Sonic Test by sssonic2
[Flash] Sonic Test
by sssonic2
Elbow Room by Weaselgrease
Elbow Room
Regular Show by PlagueDogs123
Regular Show
Secret of Nimh chase scene by Jeatz
Secret of Nimh chase scene
by Jeatz
Hi :) and welcome to my cave. I am Saphire Blueflame, the blue ferret/fox/otter/ shapeshifter. I enjoy drawing with traditional and digital. I am kinda a furry, but I HATE wearing fur suits *shudders* and I do not go to anthrocons and such. I take commisions and I sell my artwork :) I also do trades and I can also draw you an avatar! Feel free to add me for a friend and message me!
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10 years, 5 months ago
Anytime :)
10 years, 5 months ago
Thanks for watching.

And Welcome.
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