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Mystery Udder by SaberRusty
Mystery Udder
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Mystery Udder by SaberRusty
Mystery Udder
Cheeky morning selfie ;3 by SaberRusty
Cheeky morning selfie ;3
Banette Booty by SaberRusty
Banette Booty
Arlas night out by SaberRusty
Arlas night out
Rainbow Dragon by keikittora
Rainbow Dragon
On the Job by Sefeiren
On the Job
by Sefeiren
icebreaker by Trunchbull
C: Oreo Day by horsefever
C: Oreo Day
Big Abbi by VantTalon
Big Abbi
by VantTalon
Dulce's Awesome Turntable by Ectasy26
Dulce's Awesome Turntable
by Ectasy26
The Trap In The Dark by ZorroRe
The Trap In The Dark
by ZorroRe
What are you looking at? by creatiffy
What are you looking at?
by creatiffy
Looking good by nightshade89
Looking good
Curse you by Selene
Curse you
by Selene
Too much drink by Skoon
Too much drink
by Skoon
Moon Magic [Animated] by Tendrak
Moon Magic [Animated]
by Tendrak
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Technically I've been here for aaages but I've never really used the account @_@  but recently I have revitalised my interest in drawing so I will try to upload to here, FurAffinity and DeviantArt ^_^

Anyway! Hi there, I'm Rusty, a friendly, love able, Sabertooth Tiger, from England =^w^=
I currently live in Stoke-on-Trent, used to live in Derby and am originally from the Chesterfield / Sheffield area.
I'm also married to an awesome snuggle kitty! :3

Quick Info for people just browsing

All round nice guy, easy going, fan of very large breasts (preferably multiples), love art that can depict a certain "softness" or weight of fur, body mass and the aforementioned favourite body part(s), sabre toothed animal fan.  I spend far too much of my time on my XBox360 / XBoxOne.... SaberRusty XD;
Do not be surprised if i +Watch you after fav'ing one or multiple pictures, i have a tendency to go on sprees and fave hundreds of images at a time, usually from someones gallery and scraps (sometimes an entire gallery)  XD

I've recently started trying doing more on my Youtube channel to combat my anti-social tendencies and problems with confidence.  I'm currently taking it slow, narrating games I have done as part of "let's plays" but aim to do a few with me actually on camera eventually :)  I'm always open to meeting and chatting with new people, but due to my stuff with confidence, some patience might be needed until I warm up to you fully.

Regarding art / animations.  My confidence took quite a big hit a number of years back and I slipped into a VERY deep rut, which I'm having a hard time getting out of, so seeing me post something drawn by myself may be a rarity, but I have been getting some encouragement from a few of my closest friends to give it another go, which may happen eventually, I just need to get my problems organised and dealt with a little before I try to commit to something like that again.  
If I did draw again, don't be surprised if it was bosom related.  As mentioned above, I have what could be seen as a fascination with / obsession for extra large breasts, soooo yeah.... >_>;

Super long winded ERMAGERD INFURMASHUNZ version

contacting me: I am always looking for new furs to talk to or even meet in person (or in "furson" if you prefer);

Feel free to contact me on Skype or Discord (I barely ever use MSN or Yahoo anymore), I'm pretty much always online somewhere but often have nothing to do, so some one new to talk to is always nice and would definitely liven up my day :3  Please say something like "Hi i saw your page on InkBunny" if I'm online when you add me, or note me here or something, either way, if / when i get an add request and accept (which i generally will do if the email looks serious and not "bot" random), i will ask where some one saw my email just to be safe.
I may be a bit shy to start with when talking to some one new but it doesn't usually take me long to warm up to some one and become more open, which for the most part is pretty open, I'll talk about just about anything that comes up in conversation, within reason however :) (e.g. i wont talk / ask about private or personal stuffs if you do not wish too, just say).

MineCraft Fan

XBox Live: Having very few people to play on XBox Live these days I've been searching for more people to add to my friends list, whilst removing a few from when i first signed up to it whom i don't play any games with or talk to anymore.  Being on FA has meant i have found the odd furry or 2 to play with, some i have found myself and sent friend requests to and a small few have found me whilst in lobbies (although mostly games with clan tags as i always use "YIFF", i find it helps advertise my being a furry more than "Paws".  also, 8 years on XBL and only 3 - 4 anti-furry messages!  :D ). *

If you happen to be a popular artist or some one whom is generally well liked within the community and read my account's Bio that points back to here, please understand that I'm merely looking for furries to game with, be it CoD, Rainbow 6 Siege, MineCraft, Terraria, or what ever games we might have in common if you're on XBox or Steam.
I will most likely love your art and drawing style but I'm not going to be some crazed fanboy who wont leave you alone with questions etc.  That said, if you decline my friend request thats fine by me, i will understand if your gamertag is something you wish to give out yourself or something you prefer to share with good friends, it would be nice to know why but that is entirely up to you, as i said, i will respect your reasons :)

For those of you who are just browsing and want to add me, my XBox Live tag is SaberRusty

Twitter:Same as contacting me on MSN or Yahoo.

role playing: concerning rp, I'm not that interested in doing it anymore, it took me a while to realise this, so I'm sorry if your super into it :(   at best it would be casual stuff as if out fursonas were talking to each other, casual nipping, nibbling, suckling (basically casual yet sensual stuff), but i cant hold a character other than my own, it makes me feel false inside and working to a set scenario has never been that easy either, i usually ended up losing the flow or getting bored in the end >_<

Character ref: Anyone who is drawing a picture or is interested in drawing one, here are the best images i can provide as reference for you :3
Rusty - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1826122/  or  http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7573841/
Glacia - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1148699/
Tiama - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1466195/  or  http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2943153/
Nikohle - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2048125/

Regarding +Faves and +Watches:
- Generally if i like any art i find I'll usually fave it then +Watch the artist as well.  The majority of the pictures i fave then get added to a now very overcrowded folder somewhere on my laptop for reference of some sort (light, weight, anatomical appearance etc). I am also prone to going on a fave-ing spree(s), searching for things or just going from one artist's gallery to another through their watchers list or links to people who commissioned or had pictures commissioned for them :3
- I love sabertoothed animals, and will fave them / watch users on the spot if i see any ^w^
- I also like cute, smaller furs, like cats, jogaunis and reptiles;
- Weak against huge boobs, root beer, cream soda, big boobs, aniseed balls, peanut butter cups and multi-boobs, probably easier to just say I have a (possibly unhealthy) obsession with breasts, the more the better, heh...  ^.^;
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Rusty Fizgig
1 year, 12 months ago
You're welcome! :D
2 years, 3 months ago
welcome to inkbunny :3

you can draw very nice and great ^^
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