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BONKED! Derpy Fluttershy (Commission) by SDCharm
BONKED! Derpy Fluttershy (Commission)
Pictures for $1 on Patreon!
Hello all. Normally, I don't update you with Patreon news but this is a pretty big deal. My generous patrons cast their votes due to a proposal I made and they're all cool with it. Now, if you decide...
4 weeks ago
Commissions CLOSED ~ 11/6/19
The slots are full. I'll re-open them once I get through all of these though. Not to worry.
6 months, 3 weeks ago
Commissions are OPEN~! 11/6/19
Commissions are now open. It is 5:04 PM EST There are five slots on Deviantart and five slots on my Inkbunny page. If you miss your chance on one of these sites you might have a chance on the other....
6 months, 3 weeks ago
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BONKED! Derpy Fluttershy (Commission) by SDCharm
BONKED! Derpy Fluttershy (Comm...
Juvenile Jenga - #24 - Loaded by SDCharm
Juvenile Jenga - #24 - Loaded
I'm Kiba's Diaper Boy! (Commission) by SDCharm
I'm Kiba's Diaper Boy! (Commis...
Caught by the Dog!! (Commission) by SDCharm
Caught by the Dog!! (Commissio...
Silver Self-Wedgie (Commission) by SDCharm
Silver Self-Wedgie (Commission...
Male Maids Cafe (Commission) by SDCharm
Male Maids Cafe (Commission)
Digi-Daycare in Reverse (Commission) by SDCharm
Digi-Daycare in Reverse (Commi...
Juvenile Jenga - #23 - 6:01 PM by SDCharm
Juvenile Jenga - #23 - 6:01 PM
2020 SDCharm Avatar by SDCharm
2020 SDCharm Avatar
Cuckoo Crazy Kite (Commission) by SDCharm
Cuckoo Crazy Kite (Commission)
Ghost Forest Feather Frenzy! (Commission) by SDCharm
Ghost Forest Feather Frenzy! (...
The Pampered Champion (Commission) by SDCharm
The Pampered Champion (Commiss...
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Juvenile Jenga - Cover Page by SDCharm
Juvenile Jenga - #1 - Mr. Blue Sky by SDCharm
Juvenile Jenga - #2 - The Golden Lion's Scarlet Eye by SDCharm
Juvenile Jenga
A juvenile story of young boys fighting and trudging their way through life and the harsh elements brought upon them by older brothers, bullies, and general humiliation.
25 submissions
Radio Vs. Blair by SDCharm
Radio Vs. Blair 2: Pool Party Bash! by SDCharm
Radio Vs. Blair 3: The Mall Adventure! by SDCharm
Radio Vs. Blair
The Epic Prank Battle between two rivals, Radio (my OC) and Blair (Falz-Pc's OC). Humiliation ensues.
4 submissions
Miles of Misfortune - #1 - I'm Awesome by SDCharm
Miles of Misfortune - #2 - My Precious Black Belt by SDCharm
Miles of Misfortune - #3 - One Knuckle Sandwich by SDCharm
Miles of Misfortune
Tails has finally moved on from being everyone's humiliation sponge. This story chronicles his new life as he proves to you all just how totally not prone to embarrassment he really is... *PFFT*
10 submissions
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Pikachu: Shocking KO! by Faintss
Pikachu: Shocking KO!
by Faintss
Blushy Blue Bunny, Bullied and Babied by Dylanamin
Blushy Blue Bunny, Bullied and...
by Dylanamin
Trials of a Bully (a Malcore story) Part two by yamijoeysdog
Trials of a Bully (a Malcore s...
It's not fair!! by yamijoeysdog
It's not fair!!
Trial's of a Bully part one (A Malcore story) by yamijoeysdog
Trial's of a Bully part one (A...
Shadow vs Tails by Howdidwegethere
Shadow vs Tails
Tails by Howdidwegethere
Happy Boxing Day, Tails by Howdidwegethere
Happy Boxing Day, Tails
Tifa and Zelda love their little girls by yamijoeysdog
Tifa and Zelda love their litt...
His vengenace will be swift, and stinky! by yamijoeysdog
His vengenace will be swift, a...
Joshie Washie widdle guy part 2 by yamijoeysdog
Joshie Washie widdle guy part ...
Joshie washie little guy Part 1 by yamijoeysdog
Joshie washie little guy Part ...
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2 weeks ago
You're welcome!
2 weeks ago
Happy Birthday!
2 weeks, 5 days ago
1 month ago
Been a fan of your work for a long time now. I'm definitely interested in getting a commission next time you're open. Keep being awesome. <3
1 year ago
Happy Birthday!
1 year, 5 months ago
Thanks for all of the favorites! ^_^
1 year, 11 months ago
Thanks for the fav on my story! :>
2 years, 2 months ago
You find weird things around the Internet sometimes, and I decided to amuse myself by going through a list of 'terrible cartoon tattoos' - it seems you have a secret fan! https://www.topixoffbeat.com/slideshow/19409/slide55
2 years, 5 months ago
Thanks for posting, fun stuff!
2 years, 8 months ago
Thank you for the fave! Feels extra special coming from you <3
3 years, 6 months ago
Kept coming back here so gave you a watch I must like your work ^^
3 years, 8 months ago
Holy crap! Thank you so much for the faves!  Its an honor to get noticed by you! :)
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