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Laike's Head by Ruaki
Laike's Head
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Laike's Head by Ruaki
Laike's Head
Ruaki's Head by Ruaki
Ruaki's Head

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Ruaki's Head by Ruaki
Laike's Head by Ruaki
Niguana Pictures
My fursona and her brother, whom is my other fursona. I'm not letting anyone know my gender, so have fun guessing! This pool is for, you guessed it, my niguana pictures!
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New Submission by Sentai
New Submission
by Sentai
Linan and Jeckle by Danji
Linan and Jeckle
by Danji
Fallbringer by konekonoarashi
Sheppy bondage :3 by Gizgiz
Sheppy bondage :3
by Gizgiz
I am Ruaki, a blue iguana based niguana. Niguana's are the creation of Hazard from FA, go look her up and drool at the awesome of her reptiles!

My art forms I'm best in are free form poetry and short stories. Or doing them one chapter at a time. One day, when I can afford it, I'm commissioning a comic book of Laike making his mate. A story you'll just have to read when I finish parts of it.

I'll also be looking for people to commission fo various scenes in my future stories and just of my fursonas and my small group of characters.

I love to rp, drop me a line and we'll see what goes.

I love art in all forms and have various kinks, the things I do not like are, diapers, inflation, scat, golden showers and feeding. I'm pretty much okay with anything else.

I love gore and blood and pain most of all. Why? It's not real and I can enjoy it in places like this. I have a dark mind due to RL issues and what has happened to me. It makes me feel better when I need it to look at my small collection of gore. I'm looking to grab more!

Err.....that be it for now.
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9 years, 5 months ago
Thank you very much for watchin meh ^^

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