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Hello. My name is Averin Vientorau. An alias of one of y characters in my stories. Even the author is an alias. If you are wondering I have more than five aliases.

Species: Grim Dragon
Specialties: Black magic, summoning
Likes: Casting magic, showing off, sometimes doing something evil, dragonesses
Hates: Rape, people who troll
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Scale color: Pure white, grey underbelly
Age: 287
Personality: Quick tempered, happy, young spirited

Bio: Born in the depths of hell, my mother died giving birth to me. My father sees me as an heir to hell's thrown but I refuse to take his side. He is one to do the exact opposite of mother. He, a demon dragon. And she, a holy dragon. Brought into this world by rape I hate the very thought of it. I have met a dragoness named Zerein, she was a lovely one too. Though she is not from hell she is not from heaven either. I met her when I finally broke free of the chains that bound me in hell. She greeted me with a warm hug and we quickly became friends. Soon she gave birth to my daughter, Danrei. She has my black underbelly but her mother's purple scales and a white left ear. Three years after Danrei was born her mother, my lover, was kidnapped and raped. Angered by this I went on a violent rampage killing twohundred and eihty seven dragons. Every dragon of the clan that Zerein's captors were in. She got scared and took Danrei away from me. And before I knew it my father had found me and forced me back to hell. There I took the throne and killed my father. With my new abilities as emperor of hell's dragons I stripped my own evil essence from me. All that was left was a pure white dragon. I flew back to the surface and found Zerein seventeen years later. I revealed herself to me and she fell in love with me once again. But not as Averin. As a pure white stranger. As I explained to her the truth she realized who I was and didn't want anything to do with me. And now I slowly build up my friendship with her until she accepts me as the dragon she loved. And not the dragon she wants.

I wished to write this bio as an inspiration has struck this young writer. Done in fifteen minutes.
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