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Rio - What's In a Name? by RioSpark
Rio - What's In a Name?
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Rio - What's In a Name? by RioSpark
Rio - What's In a Name?
Code F.O.X.: The Rios Shards - Chapter 1 by RioSpark
Code F.O.X.: The Rios Shards -...
Rio & Hunter - On the Run (Sketch) by RioSpark
Rio & Hunter - On the Run (Ske...
Kogen by RioSpark
Crystallos by RioSpark
Pool Dressing Room....Occupied (XD)!! - Sketch by RioSpark
Pool Dressing Room....Occupied...
Rio - In the Spotlight by RioSpark
Rio - In the Spotlight
Rio by RioSpark

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Code F.O.X.: The Rios Shards - Chapter 1 by RioSpark
Code F.O.X.: The Rios Shards
Join Rio, a rabbit wielding the powers of light and dark, as he journeys in an unknown world in search of the powerful, Rios shards.

Credit goes to Rayne_Castle (details are in each chapters)
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Magenta: Early Sketch by Shinigamiinochi
Magenta: Early Sketch
“Do not work towards a peaceful tomorrow; live for a brighter future.”

Fursona Bio:

Species: Rabbit (anthro)
Coat: Dark gray, with a white sub-coat
Height/Weight: 5'9"; 150 lbs.
Head hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Age: 20

Additional info:
Wears heavily-graded glasses (near-sighted), is always wearing his fluffy jacket on, and is never far away from either a cup of tea (NEVER EARL GREY), or a lollipop (green apple is preferred). Has the curiosity of a cat, and the mischievousness of a fox. Does not mind cuddles and hugs.....but, does not condone unnecessary touching (e.g fondling, groping, and of the like). Will always respond when called to attention, and does his best to have a sympathetic, open mind - so, go ahead and ask, "I'm all ears"!

A fair warning to those who have just met him: he is a tad bit crazy...

I'm not great at holding conversations, but I can be an interesting person to talk to. Most of the times, though, I try not to get myself too socialized with other people's lives, or meddle in business I have no knowledge of - in the fear that I might do a terrible wrong on them. Its alright if I do it to myself, because I can usually handle whatever kind of idiocy I do to myself - if not, well, I'll have to deal with it, wouldn't I? If I wrong someone, I can barely live with that...but, I will do my best to make up for it - no matter what the cost. Of course, though, if I do it on someone, INTENTIONALLY, then that means that the bass(fish) turd deserved what was coming to him/her.

Let me be honest here: I'm not the best person when it comes to......well, everything you can think of, really. However, I can, wholeheartedly, say that I am not the worst person in the world. At times, I can be the most annoying person you've ever met (which can be most of the times...), and (at some otherworldly rarity...) I can be who you're looking for in a friend.

What I'm saying is that: just give me a chance.

I started out as a writer, but now it seems like I'm able to do art, as well. I really want to do writing, but I get "writer's block" very often....and, yes, I procrastinate on my own projects. T~T
So, at those times, I'll do art. However, I cannot stress enough how much of a beginner I am at doing artwork....


If you have any more questions, PM or shout me.
As I said, "I'm all ears!" ^3^

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