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Endless Rain by RaziiraoftheDesert
Endless Rain
I Hate Surprises.
Is it just me? Does anyone else out there absolutely hate it when unexpected things occur, whether they are meant to be pleasant or not? Is there anyone else out there that gets totally shook up and...
6 years, 7 months ago
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Endless Rain by RaziiraoftheDesert
Endless Rain
Happy Year and a Half by RaziiraoftheDesert
Happy Year and a Half
From Winter to Spring by RaziiraoftheDesert
From Winter to Spring
Art Trade with Yukiyouko by RaziiraoftheDesert
Art Trade with Yukiyouko
Gift Art for Lumineera by RaziiraoftheDesert
Gift Art for Lumineera
Art Trade with KTdragon by RaziiraoftheDesert
Art Trade with KTdragon
.:The Water is Always Bluer:. (Vent Art) by RaziiraoftheDesert
.:The Water is Always Bluer:. ...
Art Trade with Tharesan by RaziiraoftheDesert
Art Trade with Tharesan
Small Raziira Tail by RaziiraoftheDesert
Small Raziira Tail
Commission for Lanceafew by RaziiraoftheDesert
Commission for Lanceafew
Kyselli Ears by RaziiraoftheDesert
Kyselli Ears
Queen of Roses by RaziiraoftheDesert
Queen of Roses
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I am an artist of many mediums. I do traditional art, using prismacolor pencils and markers mostly. However, I do also paint in acrylic occasionally, and have done such projects as tea-staining, and even using real blood. I also do digital art now, though it is a relatively new medium to me. I adore fursuits and fursuiting, though I have yet to make a fursuit for my current fursona. My fursona is a cheetah/puma mixture named Raziira.

My main characters other than her are a wolf named Isuzo, a very light hearted and humorous sort of gal, and Kerosene, an Arabian/Fresian mix. I also am a writer, especially of poetry. I've won two separate poetry contests. I would like to write more stories, but I just don't usually have the inspiration for them, or the patience.

If you want to chat, go ahead and message me. I'm always interested in meeting new people!

If you want to see any of my older artwork, please visit my furaffinity or deviantart accounts. I'm too lazy to put up all my old stuff on here.
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Fur Affinity
6 years, 8 months ago
You are welcome ^^
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