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She is different now by Raysh
She is different now
3D required
‌And I am going to re-submit these till Sun freezes. We are stubborn on reaching our goals ones here. *Looking for 3D artist, for a game.* Due to I work at gamedev - it is technically still an indi...
11 months ago
Another account.
Spreading further. Need feedback...
11 months ago
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She is different now by Raysh
She is different now
Paulo minus by Raysh
Paulo minus
Commission - Kielaran by Raysh
Commission - Kielaran
Insignia - Rozenblatt Naardge by Raysh
Insignia - Rozenblatt Naardge
Trihorn by Raysh
Hair pin by Raysh
Hair pin
Shiberlaah spacesuit concept by Raysh
Shiberlaah spacesuit concept
Sarlah, the White Mistress by Raysh
Sarlah, the White Mistress
Commission - Asimov by Raysh
Commission - Asimov
Riga of Orweygg by Raysh
Riga of Orweygg
Shall I Await - by Assovi by Raysh
Shall I Await - by Assovi
Salatharash hounts - Shivverhead by Raysh
Salatharash hounts - Shivverhe...
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Not the most talkative person imaginable - yet you can try if desired, I'm trying to be a polite one.

Concept designer, lore author (meaning, I create both arts and texts concepts for lores, now adding 3D works as well, that I study), gamedev professional. Do have several well-finished lores, races and concepts of (and for) my own, usually used for writing and playing.
You can contact me, if desired - for talks, for collaborative writing attempt, for commission or trade - for many things, most likely, if we are able to find a way to communicate properly.

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Do consider, please, that freelance artists always appreciate your feedback:
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6 months ago
I'd tell you you're talented but it would be an understatement. And besides everyone will be telling you that for the rest of your time here anyway I love your pics keep doing what you're doing.
10 months ago
Hello and welcome to InkBunny.
11 months ago
Aw, don't be so down on yourself, dude! It's your first day here, after all! With time and word of mouth, your numbers are sure to climb! (b^^)b
11 months ago
Oh, the pleasure's all mine, your designs are really hype, man! :D
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