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And again, here as well.
Hi, Surely the lack of activity for the past ~2 years was a little more obvious, but I suppose not. In any event, I'm not here anymore.  I haven't used this site since January 2015 since there is no...
5 years, 11 months ago
I'm out
You may find me on FA and, for the time being, dA as well.  I'm also on the new Nabyn site but it's still invite-only.  The old one got very inactive and basically died. https://www.furaffinity.net/u...
7 years, 6 months ago
deviantART | AI-Q/A Tumblr  | Patreon | Facebook | Ask.fm | Personal Twitter | Public Twitter

If you want to see my work, go to DA, FA, Tumblr, and/or Patreon.  I haven't used this site since January 2015 and have absolutely no plans of returning.  No business means I'm not interested.

See you on some other site.
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8 years, 1 month ago
your art is like...
9 years ago
You're no Help Fuck you, obviously you approve of not just infringement but also bullying and trolling after you seem to refuse that she was a threat to me... I tried to be nice and told her friend to ask witch he said he would then she stalks my page and reposts the larger version of my post without asking due to a do not post rules I'm just now finding out about but apparently everything is okay... it's okay to
*post art without the consent of me or the artist
*stalk me after I told you're friend not to do it
*sit back as I get banned for standing up for the rights of me and my artist
*then act like I'm the bad guy because RollerCoasterViper59 is supposed to be everyone's bitch right
9 years ago
I told her friend not to post the pics unless he asked me or the artist and he agreed, witch pissed her off so she stalked my E6 page for a post she could replace because it was too small without permission mind you just to spite me because she knew if I went off to the admins about it they'd side with her... it's trolling, it's spite, it's infringement, it's bullying and it's wrong :(
9 years ago
Basically my stalker is going to get away with murder... okay
9 years ago
Well I have 25 so hopefully I can get some documentation on them sooner or later that way my being upset results in action that flows in my direction for valid reason. but I still feel cheated because no one is asking anyone anything they just do I talked to Rainbow Dash *admin* about this that reguardless of rules that someone must ask me or the artist who drew it to repost bigger versions because if there is a problem in anyways as commissioner and partial owner of the pic because my character is on it *as far as the artist knows since she gave me copyright but to you people it's not a valid one* I'd take the rap and have to explain that they could do so but seeing as I nor the artist have and that
9 years ago
corgi_bread stalked my page to see how she can further piss me off after I went to her friend and told him to ask because honestly I think she's doing this to spite because this right now wouldn't be happening if I pretended like everything was okay in the begining and that I could ignore her friend but no I said my piece to him and he stopped doing it witch angered here she did a legal thing as far as E-621 is concerned but she illegally didn't ask me or the artist to post it and did it because like a troll she knew I'd go off and she knew it'd spite me and now here we are she's getting away with murder and I have to take the sour end of the stick.
9 years ago
Now I'm confused because *I don't plan on selling it* but I plan on trademarking and copyrighting everysingle one of my 26 characters yet you're saying if I turned them into something useful that it's against the law... wow I didn't know using a character that'syours break the law that's a new one... unless you were referring to the art only...
9 years ago
So what you're saying is I don't own the art nor the character and that people can do whatever in a library right :/
9 years ago
In other words me nor the artist gave permission so stop bitchin about laws when you're trying to cover up that you break them yourself. I bet she never told you she stalked me either or that she did this out of spite and sadly admins like you buy into her story and disregard my pleas to take down infringed art so all I can conclude is that you're one of the bastards that likes copyright infringement and art theft and don't cry to me about papers because buddy I don't need em especially if the artist granted me full permission and copyright since it's my character and her art 100% buddy one fucking hundred thats way more then corgi_bread has witch if I can remind you is ZERO so again all I asked is that it be taken down because it's fround upon by me and the artist but no your too stubborn
9 years ago
So again all I asked is that it be taken down because it's fround upon by me and the artist but no your too stubborn to do that aren't you... filled a take down request still hasn't been answered is he busy or did you guys ignore that too
9 years ago
I don't know how they treat you on E-621 but on InkBunny we don't steal art I don't care how many shades of grey you put on it it's still art theft... how dare you talk down to me about the law but I guess you don't know anything and assume only what a website tells you instead of true facts... glad I was banned from the ugliness of E-621 I hope I never have to deal with you twigs ever again
9 years ago
since your on e621 as an admin... is there any way you can remove my art ? I tried awhile ago, but apparently no one cares. My stuffs DNP by others that arent invovled in the pic. Just curious
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