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Armored Easterbun by OtakuAP
Armored Easterbun
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Armored Easterbun by OtakuAP
Armored Easterbun
by OtakuAP
lasers by MrShin
by MrShin
Lola Bunny (Mirko) by VylfGor
Lola Bunny (Mirko)
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Lola Bunny by MrBIGDON1992
Lola Bunny
June by SlickeHedge
Sandy Cheeks~ by creatiffy
Sandy Cheeks~
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Patreon Reward Auri and Jen by ABD
Patreon Reward Auri and Jen
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Starlight Cyber by Renegade157
Starlight Cyber
Patty by VinFox
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Vaporeon Beach Pinup SAFE Edit by vtal
Vaporeon Beach Pinup SAFE Edit
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Nitro-Fueled Summer -  Coco by ZaBoom
Nitro-Fueled Summer -  Coco
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Her day starts with a coffee by NemesisPrime92
Her day starts with a coffee
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░█░░█░░█░░░░(Please, put this on your page if you RP)

Name: Raiden Joshua Sutomu van Helsing/Thunder Hoof(as a Pegasus pony)
User Title: Watcher & Roleplayer(I also dabble in a bit of Writing from time to time...)
Species: Canine, Dalmatian/Akita mix OR Equine, Pegasus pony
Age: 30
Shell of Choice: .308 Win/.45 ACP/12 gauge ;D
Operating System: Chrome OS, DSL
Personal Quote: "I can already tell... Looks like this is going to be one hell of a party!"
Music Type/Genre: Hard Rock, Metal(esp. Power Metal), Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Grunge, Outlaw Country, Gospel, 70s/80s music, R&B/Jazz, Funk.
Favorite Movie: Evil Dead/Army of Darkness, Die Hard, First Blood/Rambo, Terminator, Predator, Fight Club, Kill Bill, Scarface, Pulp Fiction, Dawn of the Dead, porn...
Favorite Game: Devil May Cry, Resident Evil(Survival Horror in general), GTA, Need For Speed, most fighting games in general, Fallout & other RPGs, platformers(esp. Castlevania).
Favorite Game Platform: PS2, PC, Nintendo, sometimes X-Box... Really I like them all so long as the games are good...
Music Player of Choice: MP3, PC... sometimes Stereo.
Favorite Artist: xpfoddball, Psy101, Atryl, avante92, SkyKain, ss2sonic, WhitMaverick, portzebie, baroncoon, MaxBlackRabbit, Jeremy Mullins, Jay Naylor, Jessica Elwood
Favorite Animal: Wolves, dogs, foxes, dragons, horses/ponies, otters, hyenas, various big cats, skunks, raccoons, rabbits/bunnies, mice, raptors/dinos.
Favorite Website: FurAffinity, SoFurry, this site, Derpibooru, YouTube, Twitch, Newgrounds, Photobucket, Amazon, BudsGunShop, KultOfAthena, some others...
Favorite Food: Italian(Pizza, Lasagna, Spaghetti), Mexican(Nachos, Burritos, Tacos), Chinese and Japanese, American(Burgers, Wings, ect), salty snacks, pie(especially apple), ice cream(Strawberry, Mint Chip, & Rocky Road), coffee(I run on the stuff...), iced tea.

(In my best Fat Albert impersonation)Hey, hey, hey! What's up, my dudes & dudettes? Welcome to my little corner of InkBunny! 😎 Name's RaidenStormTheDalkita, but you can just call me Raiden(seeing as that's my main fursona I tend to RP as). Glad to be here and pleased to meet ya. Sorry I'm JUST NOW getting to writing this but I've been VERY busy/distracted with other things that's came up(like life OUTSIDE of the Interwebs for instance... 😜). But figured I might as well get this out of the way now while I can. Hey, better late than never, right? Anyway, just wanted to say "Hi" and welcome everyone to my userpage. So, without further ado...

A little about me: I'm a fairly calm, chill, humble dude who's actually quite approachable if a bit quiet/reserved at times. When I DO socialize and speak with others, just be warned that I CAN come off as a bit snarky/sarcastic at times as I have a fairly dry sense of humor and tend to gravitate towards/have an appreciation for such. I also tend to tell it like it is when my advice/opinions are warranted. So if you're easily butthurt or sarcasm is easily lost on you, our interaction may be a bit... rocky. But do try not to take it TOO personally and with a grain of salt(or several). 😉 I WILL NOT BS you nor will I blow smoke up your butt. Since I DON'T expect anyone to kneel and kiss my ring, please DO NOT expect that of me. Though I generally do try to be friendly, nice, & polite most of the time... So some common courtesy would be MUCH appreciated. I WILL be as respectful as possible to you but do realize it's a two-way street. Also please stay out of my personal business(unless I specifically confide in you) and I'll stay out of yours. I also tend to have a LOW tolerance for stupidity & dickish behaviour, so please don't do it or expect to get smacked down with the Blocksword of Great Justice. 😋 Same goes for incessant bitching and whining. Yeah, don't do that either. It's annoying and pathetic. Stop it. 😒 I'm a compassionate, patient guy but my patience is NOT infinite. But like I said, please don't be shy/intimidated and feel free to chat with me about anything(within reason). I'll lend my best listening ear and try to give you the best advice I possibility can. Just bear all that in mind & I guarantee you and I will get along just fine. I want ALL of us to be able to have fun here. 😊

My Likes: Anthros/Furry(duh), Guns(and Shooting Sports), Swords, Axes, Polearms, PRACTICAL Ancient AND Modern Weaponry, HEMA, Kickboxing/MMA, Classic Cars, Motorcycles, BEAUTIFUL Ladies, Anime/Manga, Videogames, Action Movies, Comedies, Horror Films(especially Monster Movies/Slashers/Supernatural Horror), Science Fiction, Fantasy, Westerns[as well as any fusion of those genres], Classic Rock, Metal(especially Power Metal), Punk Rock/Grunge, Outlaw Country, Fishing, Hiking, Nature/Outdoors, Dogs/Wolves/Foxes(and other canines), Horses, Dragons, History, Science, Forensics/Criminal Justice, GOOD Food(the sweeter/spicier, the better), Summer & Fall, Logic, Reason, Honesty, Civility, people minding their own business.

My Dislikes: Dickishness, Stupidity/Willful Ignorance, the Hyperoffended Butthurt Brigade of Snowflakes(ProTip: If something deeply offends you, just do what I do. Don't look at it/take part in it and go about your day like a sane rational adult), Drama & Shitposting, Mishandling/Misuse of Firearms & Other Weapons, Rapists, Wifebeaters, Animal & Child Abusers, Cub/Loli/Shota, Gorn, Vore, (Hyper)Scat, & other extreme fetishes(Hey, if you like that sort of stuff... More power to ya, whatever floats your boat. It's just not MY cup of tea, but as long as no one's ACTUALLY getting hurt... Eh, to each their own.), Criminals/Terrorists, Creeps, Prudes, Bigots, Liars, Politicians, Authoritarians, Busybodies/Nosy Parkers, being scolded like a child especially when I AM doing what I'm supposed to do, ignorant/intellectually dishonest folk attempting impugn my character/integrity or that of my friends/associates, Winter & crappy weather.

Hope this helps you get a better feel/understanding of me. Can't wait to chat/RP sometime. Til then... Take care, stay safe, God Bless, cheers, & have a good one. 😎
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1 year, 5 months ago
Thank you so much for the watch! :3
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