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Rádadeus: Prince Brave by RadadeusSohji
Rádadeus: Prince Brave
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Rádadeus: Prince Brave by RadadeusSohji
Rádadeus: Prince Brave
⥤⥢⥤⥢⥤⥢⥤⥢⥤⥢ ❖ ⥤⥢⥤⥢⥤⥢⥤⥢⥤⥢

Welcome to my profile! My name is Rádadeus Äkameleus Sohji I. I'm about 7-foot-9, and am of the royal kind. I'm sociable, and love getting to meet all sorts of people. Hell, I'm out of the castle more often than not just to meet people. I am a guy-herm with pansexual tendencies, and have some unique interests in music, art, and whatnot. Feel free to talk and get to know me.

Male ⚦ | Pansexual | Switch | Leo ♌︎ | AuReignian Dragon

The name’s Chris. I'm a 5-foot-7 guy with glasses and, admittedly, a bit of a gut. I'm social as well, love talking to new people out there. I can compare myself to my character in so many ways, even while I'm not royal in any way, shape, or form. I live in the grand state of Texas along the gulf coast, having finally graduated from a school called Fort Bend Christian Academy as of 2017! I currently go to Lubbock Christian University in pursuit of a Bachelors in Communications (Mass Media Emphasis). From there, I plan to pursue careers in music production, video production, television, and much more.

INFJ-A | Attention Deficit Disorder | Tech-Knowledgeable | Overly Creative

⥤⥢⥤⥢⥤⥢⥤⥢⥤⥢ ❖ ⥤⥢⥤⥢⥤⥢⥤⥢⥤⥢

My Furaffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/radadeusakameleussohji/

You can find me on Telegram at: https://t.me/R_A_Sohji

You can find me on Discord at: Rádadeus Ä. Sohji#4138

You can find me on Skype (rarely used) at: Radjande

You can find me on Twitter at: http://www.twitter.com/@R_A_Sohji

You can find me on Twitter (AD) at: http://www.twitter.com/@SohjiAfterDark

⥤⥢⥤⥢⥤⥢⥤⥢⥤⥢ ❖ ⥤⥢⥤⥢⥤⥢⥤⥢⥤⥢

You can find me and my family, along with several other characters, on FurAffinity! Here's a list:

The Prime Sohjis

Rádadeus Äkameleus (Rogue)Yöjudái Seíddo (Judah) • Rúduso Bakuäy (Ruben) • Émilë Kásgaùa (Emily)

The Lost Sisters

Vayúmi Elserän (Co-owned by Goggles_Bengallum) • Zukimara

The Personal Assassin

Helígius Särcérkèmvy

The Sjahjiu Twins

Vekïrl • Vsashā

The Brothers of Mystic, Kowalksi-Krasheven

Vokaev of Ice • Roskoyav of Fire

The Qiwoma Twins

Opretel Geomāt • Mónixa Verxes

Of Star Wars

Veylah Durmekt

⥤⥢⥤⥢⥤⥢⥤⥢⥤⥢ ❖ ⥤⥢⥤⥢⥤⥢⥤⥢⥤⥢
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