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Xistie by Nuka_Foxy3 by QuillClaw
Xistie by Nuka_Foxy3
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Xistie by Nuka_Foxy3 by QuillClaw
Xistie by Nuka_Foxy3
Omega by QuillClaw
Witching Hour Colored by QuillClaw
Witching Hour Colored
Xistie by Annawolfdragon by QuillClaw
Xistie by Annawolfdragon
Maja the Cobra by QuillClaw
Maja the Cobra
Geneva the Cat by QuillClaw
Geneva the Cat
Pinup of the Sea by QuillClaw
Pinup of the Sea
Arabian She-Wolf by QuillClaw
Arabian She-Wolf
Howdy all, my name is Xistie or Xist if you prefer. After ghosting around on FA and inkbunny, I've decided its high time I made my way over here.

Well, there's not much to say about me. I enjoy reading, writing, learning, crafting, sewing, gaming, chess, Dungeons and Dragons, drawing and painting. I'm not much of a visual artist, I'm more accomplished with the written word, however I plan on fixing that with much practice and lots of pencil stains on my hands. :D

As for what do I write? Well, mostly anything. I started out writing fanfiction as a teenager and branched into regular fiction. I've just gotten into the furry fandom over a year ago thanks to three of my friends. I've written two furry stories so far, one for a friend and one just to try it out. I've gotten really into it and hope to write more despite random cases of writer's block.

Do I do art trades? Well, since I'm sorely lacking in the visual art talent department and would love to see my fursona on paper or screen instead of just in my brain, I'm wiling to do writing trades for other writing as well as art. Maybe even some music since I need to branch out. I'm also open for writing commissions as well.

Erm... well, that's all I can think of that needs to be posted. I'll be sure to add more later. :D
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7 years, 5 months ago
You are quite welcome ^^
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