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Digital painting commissions are closed right now!!!
They'll reopen as soon as I get some models finished in ZBrush. :)

"Becoming" a Furry Artist:

I guess I didn't know how big the world really was. I thought I was the only artist of my kind back in the 90's and I was a loner in school. In 2004 I had the term "furry" explained to me and I identified without really having to think about it. I didn't start lurking around art sites until 2007, and didn't regularly use my Deviantart account until 2010, so I'm exceedingly late to the party. There's no reason to let this stop me from sharing my imagination and finding my place among like minds. :)


I'm a college student enrolled at AIOnline. Beyond this I'm a freelancing artist, building a platform currently for a 3D model printing business. I'm also dabbling in game production as a hobbyist.

I'm a nerd before anything else - and don't mix up nerds with geeks! Geeks have coolness. I'm not great at video games and that's fine with me. I'd rather read books - and yes, there's tape on my glasses. No it's not a fashion statement, it's due to bona fide clumsiness.


You know who you are. ;)

Commission Info:

Commission prices, examples, availability.
(To commission me, you must fill out the form at the bottom of this page!)
Commission Queue

Other Links

Childhood art
My Office In Tues-Thurs 4-8pm Mountain Standard Time
Live Streaming and other sites
Anthro Anatomy and Hybrids - New resource group on DA
(Gathering together the best tutorials and artworks depicting hybrid anatomy.)


Do I?

In a round-about way, I'm going to say: no. I have no fun smutting plotlessly with strangers. I'm not a prude or anything, but I am in a relationship and plus, the stuff the masses want to role-play lacks serious plot and buildup. Not that I'm a novelist by any means, but generally speaking, I am tired of anime, nekomimmi, smut and infantalism, and why should I sugar-coat that? Secondly I DON'T HAVE TIME TO COMMIT. I get hounded once I open that door with someone and/or I evade and ignore them whilst feeling like a total shithead. Shame is death for my muse by the way. Now for the one exception to this heap of why I avoid RP... I love to collaborate with people I admire and befriend. Character and plot ideas become stories, which I enjoy writing with others. This is a form of RP and often leads to some (always 3rd person), but I have to form a real friendship and drive to interact with a person IRL before I will work with them creatively. So don't ask me if I will RP. If we were meant to be pals then we will be and then you'll know.
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