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Pay Attention To Me Sweety by Pixen
Pay Attention To Me Sweety
Hello, I missed whom ever missed me on here~ I am pretty happy to be back, I have a bunch of art to upload.
3 years, 9 months ago
7 years ago
Unaccepted... Everywhere
Ya know, every time I try to draw Alexia it seems every site keeps...PUSHING her away. "She's a minor"-FA "She's a human, so she is on a lock." - IB Fuck this, I am gonna make a site just for her now....
7 years ago
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Pay Attention To Me Sweety by Pixen
Pay Attention To Me Sweety
"From The Woman At The End Of The Bar." by Pixen
"From The Woman At The End Of ...
Pixen Gallaxy by Pixen
Pixen Gallaxy
Pixen 50's Pinup by Pixen
Pixen 50's Pinup
Alexia (Chibi) by Pixen
Alexia (Chibi)

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Pay Attention To Me Sweety by Pixen
All art of pixen will go here.
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[Commission] My Personal Moon by vavacung
[Commission] My Personal Moon
by vavacung
Shake Twi by atryl
Shake Twi
by atryl
hey man, I just wanted to tell you...  by Reddywolf
hey man, I just wanted to tell...
by Reddywolf
Hello, I am Pixen. I haven't been on InkBunny in a long time.
A lot has happened since I have been on here. Let me tell you a little bit about it.
I currently live with my mother again after being on my own for 3 years.
I make fursuits, I draw art, and I am currently engaged.
My fursona is a snow leopard hybrid.
When I was younger in the fandom I did stupid shit. Things I even regret.
The first furry role playing site I joined was Furry Pile. I was one of the original 15 in the beginning. Though it has changed by now I am sure, and most people forgot about me, I still remember all of them and cherish the memories I had with Syntex, Dopy, Aquadark, Ozzy, ect ect, the names go on.
I am also on FurAffinity though I am not posting as much on there anymore.
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7 years ago
Pffft where does he get off, doing that? >8| meanie...
Nope, not for awhile, she's been pretty sick :c
7 years ago
Must agree with you there, though it is a quaint little place...
(CUZ...has had this for over and year and not used it? :v)
7 years ago
hah, yush people keep saying that...<3
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