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Twilight Sparkle by PinkiePieCandyHearts
Twilight Sparkle
welcome everypony :lol: um hi everyone pardon my weirdness. I'm PinkiePieCandyHearts, welcome to my little I.B. hub. I love drawing reading and writing. I'm not perfect but hey I guess I'm...hmm...ta...
5 years ago
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Twilight Sparkle by PinkiePieCandyHearts
Twilight Sparkle
Witching Hour by mistressbloodershy
Witching Hour
[Art From Song] Dead End by vavacung
[Art From Song] Dead End
by vavacung
Anthro Fluttershy by Ambris
Anthro Fluttershy
by Ambris
Twilight and Pinkie Cheerleaders by Ambris
Twilight and Pinkie Cheerleade...
by Ambris
Anthro Height Chart: Cutie Mark Crusaders and Spike by Ambris
Anthro Height Chart: Cutie Mar...
by Ambris
To Be Strong by Ambris
To Be Strong
by Ambris
Maud Pie by Ambris
Maud Pie
by Ambris
Anthro Twilight by Ambris
Anthro Twilight
by Ambris
Anthro Height Chart: The Mane Six by Ambris
Anthro Height Chart: The Mane ...
by Ambris
Pinkie's New Dress by Drake
Pinkie's New Dress
by Drake
Lilac by eyeballchan
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Hi there I'm just your run of the mill girl who loves just about everything about life, except fighting and violence. I love animals a lot since I've had one through different stages of my life.

I love drawing but I can't draw like a world renowned artist(I'm not quite there yet:lol: ) I'm a nature nerd of note I love wild birds so much especially owls. I love cats and dogs. I love horses, tigers, panthers, red pandas and giant pandas.

I love anime's such as Yugi-Oh! Tokyo Mew Mew and I'm just about to start watching Sailor Moon. I love cartoons even more especially MLP FIM (I like it if you don't at least you admit it so I won't judge you K, and PowerPuffGirls that was my childhood. TMNT all versions except the way they look in the new movie. ThunderCats A huge classic from the 80's. but PPG and MLP are my top two cartoons at the moment

my absoulte top anime's are Yugi-Oh! Tokyo Mew Mew and Angelic Layer

please feel free to pop in and say hello, I'd love to chat and be friends with you, I am really open and friendly to everyone around me. I love making friends and being a friend. I am a simple bubbly sweet girl who gets on with everyone:D

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5 years ago
Thanks for the fav!
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