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Welcome to Hell
‌Hello, welcome to my personal hell. My name is Novarian (Asurai Hadaire), I am 17 and currently working as a writer and musician for a group called Emblazed Ascendance. Currently we have no work out ...
8 years, 7 months ago
"It is time to break through the barriers that have held you back
and held you down for such a long time...
It is time to reach out and indelibly etch your place into history"

This is my time, to take control and become who I wish to be. Even if if means knocking down the rest of the competition while I am at it.

>/file “000698 Voice Record” found…
>/opening file
>/file “000698 Voice Record” err0r
>/warning…. Virus found
>/file “000698 Voice Record” has been cleared by Norton 2009
>/opening file
>/file “000698 Voice Record” status active
*Screen cuts out with a loud pop*
“Where  am I?”
*Loud hum followed by the sound of breaking glass*
“It has been weeks since I entered this place, more than I can remember and I have lost count. If my memory is still as good as it was though this is my 28th log.”
“I don’t know the time or the date and have pretty much given up on keeping track, few messages have come through and I have finally disabled every tracking chip within the items in my possession, a wasted effort though for I fear it may still be to late.”
*Inaudible sounds*
“If I believe correctly they are still watching, though what they want is unknown the only thing I can do is remain in isolation, alone, within this blasted unending darkness.”
“Escape is no longer an option. The last transmission intercepted made that clear…”
*Another pause*
“They know who I am and possibly where I am hiding, and they will not stop until I have fallen. For those who hear this then know at least this much. Your government within this world has grown corrupt and you don’t have much time left.”
*Pause followed by footsteps in the distance.*
“Its to late now, run while you still…..”
*Inaudible sounds and the sound of orders being shouted*

*A scruffy voice is heard*
“For those listening you have heard the recordings of a criminal known as Novarian. Take the things she has said lightly and know that they are untrue and the ravings of a mad man. As well for any who see her it is suggested you call the FBI or nearest police force, it is for the protection of all humanit……”
*Screams followed by an explosion*

“If you wish me dead so much, then I dare you to try”

>/file error “000698 Voice Record”
>/System Reboot in 5
>/System Shutdown….

Really quick I would like to give a shout out to a few people for bringing me here:
-Err0rKeat0n One of my newest friends and favorite Dj's who introduced me to Joel Zimmerman "Deadmau5". As well I need to thank him for the draft base for the script i used on my profile.
-FrostcatJr Not much to say about kitten currently at the moment other than he made 2nd block actually worth going to and it will be boring as hell from here on out.
-AshleyAngelic Who currently doesn't know that I have joined yet but we shall see how long it takes :P

And hopefully more to come.
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8 years, 7 months ago
Yoh, Asu-chama. Nice to see you.
8 years, 7 months ago
Hiyo!!!! At wireless hotspot for breakfast
8 years, 7 months ago
>/msg: Hey.
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