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Reaper - Necromancer - Scourge - GW2 OC by NightshadeInk
Reaper - Necromancer - Scourge - GW2 OC
Eye Glasses Broke - Open Slots - Help!
Okay SO.. I have had these guys for like 3 years and the ear piece broke. Right now I am using tape so I can still wear them but, as they are loose, they slip off easily unless I don't move... SO I...
2 years, 8 months ago
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Reaper - Necromancer - Scourge - GW2 OC by NightshadeInk
Reaper - Necromancer - Scourge...
Sisters - Comm by NightshadeInk
Sisters - Comm
Valentine's Day Pillow Nahm Icons by NightshadeInk
Valentine's Day Pillow Nahm Ic...
Reaper WIP #2 - Guild Wars 2 OC by NightshadeInk
Reaper WIP #2 - Guild Wars 2 O...

Work hours generally 9am-5pm Monday through Friday Pacific Time Zone - UTC-08:00 *Washington state*

Notes and messages may be reviewed but not answered until the following work day as weekends are reserved for my boys/family time.

LIVE STREAM https://picarto.tv/NightshadeInk

Telegram: mureaux
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Twitter - Nightshade_Ink
Instagram - nightshade_ink
FA for Nightshade Ink - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/nightshadeink - Work In Progress

[Nightshade Ink Payments and Donations/Tips!tips tips]

Prices vary based on order complexity.




HUGE PSD for adoptables and references on sale for $30 USD instead of $65!

Clicky here! - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/25921341/ Clicky here! ONLY SIX LEFT - They will close for a while after those slots fill!

End of Holidays Sale

Headshots $8 Two Person $10
Busts $10 two person $15
Half Body $15 two person $25
Full Body $25 two person $45

Shading only add $10! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/25690338/

FULL PIECES/LARGE PIECES - %50 off entire piece original price and GREAT for gifting that special drawing!




Slots Open Today! Simply comment or note me

NOTE: Trades are art for art in most cases- Adding in to clarify. Trades not applicable to large reference sheets/large projects unless the trade is of equal value and time.

Nightshade Ink on Facebook!
Patreon Support Page for Artwork/Dark Art/Adult Comics and more! - https://www.patreon.com/NightshadeInk Become a Patron for special incentives and fun gifts!

GuildWars2Furs Guild Wars 2 Gamer

+++++++++++++++++ Donations, even the smallest bit, are always appreciated and show your support! If you choose to donate note me and I will send a free gift - paypal.me/NightshadeInk++++++++++++++++++++++[/center]

Status: My heart and soul are taken and claimed. I am not looking for random flings. I am here for art and enjoy offering naughty visuals for those who request it. I rarely offer adult work with my own characters and IF I do my characters remain dominant. I tend to prefer outside adult work with females, as well so keep that in mind.

SecondlifeFurs Second Life Personal Texture Artist

NotYiffy I detest the term "yiff" or "yiffing"- To quote an amazing man "I don't yiff, I fuck". I am not looking to virtually sleep with everything that moves.

I accept tips!! I do not often receive them but as any artist it helps greatly!---All tips sent to paypal.me/NightshadeInk

My Character-Belladonna Aurora Mureaux

Original FA Account bellamureaux bellamureaux

Mon amour et mon loup cynicalbastard cynicalbastard
<3 Mon Amour
Fuzzbutt favorites shadowfox89666roxyshadowfang

++All Art is my own work unless otherwise stated as a collaboration or commissioned piece.


Unless permission is given by myself and only myself no one is to draw on or edit/alter/distribute artwork and other projects owned by Nightshade Ink - All rules on adoptables are readily available via the post itself. To alter or adjust/change/take credit for my work blatantly breaks my ToS - If you need something modified or changed simply PM me! :)

20% non-refundable to cover work and time put into the piece in the event of a mutually agreed upon refund.

Purchasing artwork on a whim then deciding you don't want it anymore or without a clear thought of what you'd want isn't my business or concern; this is not meant to be harsh, it is a simple fact. Refund requests because you made a purchase then need more money effect what I can do for my child. This is how I earn a living and what I earn goes to taking care of myself and my family as with anyone running a small business. If you are unable to afford a custom mod, art work or any of the services I provide comfortably, please do not enter into a purchase agreement with me. Refunds are given under my sole discretion only and, in most cases, are given as future credit and if monetary refunds are given it will be sans 25% of the initial purchase price. In some cases I will offer an empathetic partial refund when I can afford to do so without effecting my bills or loss of grocery or rent money, as those are priority for my children.

I do NOT do mature art, including reference sheets, for ANYONE under the age of 18. I will not change this rule.

IF you order a specific item-whether it be a custom mod or art- and either fail to provide info or back up on the order itself there is no refund for this. The order and idea was clearly placed. Deciding on something else is fine as far as changing your mind but I will not refund because of buyers remorse or because you've changed your idea. I will work with the change or I will offer a different piece or item equal to the order itself. Please be clear and settled on your idea before ordering or state you are deciding from the get go.

Additionally, estimated times for completion are lead times only, this means they are a rough estimate on when work will start, not when it will be completed. Orders are often completed in the order they are received so a heavy work load can delay the completion of your custom mod. I do my best to keep people appraised on the progress of their orders, but as I deal with many people at any given time, it is best to shoot me an IM if you have any questions.

Due the the amount of people that may get different ideas mid commission or after it's started there is a 20$ fee to restart a project. This covers the time I put into the piece already before having to scrap and re-do.

Any refund given is at my discretion.

Problem/FA Note Problems? Note me or contact me via Skype or Telegram!

I have had many people run into problems with notes- as I have myself - Before assuming contact my email. I receive it on my phone and my computer
Thank you for your interest!

What I will NOT draw: Scat, Age Play, Diapers, Vomit, Lactation, Incest or impregnation. Normal pregnancy photos I will do. But nothing fetish involving pregnancy. Other than that ask me. I may be open to a new idea.
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2 years, 8 months ago
Thank you! <3
2 years, 8 months ago
Welcome to IB I am UniPrae on FA
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