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Name: Hayley

Sexuality: Bi-sexual

Fursona's Name: Nan Diamondchild

Fursona Species: Farm Goat

Gender: Female

Age: 20

What My Fur Looks Like: She's about 5'4", has brown fur with a white under-belly, light blue eyes, Mid-back wavy blonde hair, and short stubby little golden horns on her head.

Breast Size: 36 DD (When not Pregnant) or 36 DDD (Pregnant)

Weight: 135 (When not pregnant) or 185 (Pregnant)

Preferred Species to breed with: Any

Preferred kinks: Any, except Scat, Snuff, Watersports, or Vore.

My Mate: My mate is Rancorpse the Panther. :)

Favorite Colors: Pink, Orange, Black, Midnight-metalflake-matalic-chrome-forest-green ...yes that's a REAL color.

Favorite Music: Rap, Rock-N-Roll, Heavy-Metal, Classical, Hair Bands
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