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Character - Ekyluu Pup by MrPup
Character - Ekyluu Pup
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Character - Ekyluu Pup by MrPup
Character - Ekyluu Pup
Prinnychu ~Imprison~ by MrPup
Prinnychu ~Imprison~
Troli by SwirlySpotBean
A doodle of Rosie! by SwirlySpotBean
A doodle of Rosie!
Foxtwo Commission - Summer Sunsets. by SwirlySpotBean
Foxtwo Commission - Summer Sun...
Serru Commission ~ by SwirlySpotBean
Serru Commission ~
$25 Cafe themed badges - Kekira - Example by SwirlySpotBean
$25 Cafe themed badges - Kekir...
$25 Cafe themed badges -Ester - Example by SwirlySpotBean
$25 Cafe themed badges -Ester ...
Muhaha new icon for me.  by SwirlySpotBean
Muhaha new icon for me.
Icon for Herpaderp bf by SwirlySpotBean
Icon for Herpaderp bf
Military fashion show ~  by SwirlySpotBean
Military fashion show ~
Dellec icon~ by SwirlySpotBean
Dellec icon~
FF14 Koshi'na Epocan Cafe'/Food Badge - Gift by SwirlySpotBean
FF14 Koshi'na Epocan Cafe'/Foo...
Connor Badge~ by SwirlySpotBean
Connor Badge~
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Oh hey this site is kinda cool. Well any'whos, if you don't know me then I like to say "Hello and welcome to my humble new junk yard art yard!"

Just made residents here as I stalked followed my friends to here (don't tell them where I am I'm sure they'll find me sooner or later) and may or may not post art here. (depends on the upload constraints)

Regardless I'm sure you would like to know why in the heck I'm here. Well I'm the type of artist who finds beauty in unique art (which in a digital medium you can just copy everything like the art I upload here are copies and not the original file) and I strive to give ownership on art I make for others and keep everything I make pleasant to my eyes.

I like to say I specialize in humor in my art, to make exaggerated expressions, and nonsensical pictures. I plan to keep most of my works clean and each one of my works posted on the internet at least once (unless it is a collaboration work). This applies to any gift/commission I would do for anyone. (Saves troubles for me later if things go in the pooper. Less work for me see :D) Most of the art I'll post will be originals from me for me.

My characters are of course based on designs of other works. Take my fursona for instance, it's base on the pokemon leafeon and I take no credit for the design of this pokemon. All rights for leafeon and other designs I use belong to their respective owners. I just don't want the hassle of listing this in my works so please don't make me do it.

Oh remember how I mention above that I like things I make posted on the internet only once? Well that means all the art I post on here are this site's exclusives! No clones or anything like that! This also means everything you see here is not everything I have ever made! In my contacts I have listed a few places where my art would be posted so if you want to see more of my work you'll have to go to those to see what you may have missed. But don't be compelled to visit them if you don't want to. I try to post things everywhere evenly with it's own types of works. If you do follow me and find finding my art is a pain in the butt then I hope you would think of it as a type of game! :)

Well thank you for checking this page out don't be afraid to post a comment to me.
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