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Hello, everyone! I'm Momo!

I am a Japanese Conetail Flying Squirrel, or pteromys momonga ssp strobilus,
and I live in Hokkaido prefecture, in Japan!
My home is the カドツリー ("Cuddletree") Breeding Center,
a world-renowned conservation sanctuary for endangered species.
It features state-of-the-art breeding laboratories,
carefully monitored nurseries where mommies can raise their young in peace,
and even climate-controlled habitats designed especially for
the type of animal who lives there. すごいですね!
It gives me so much joy to be a humble part of the momonga breeding program here!

You see, seven years ago, Japanese wildlife biologists discovered
a virus that was destroying my species' population.
The gathered as many of the survivors as they could and brought them here,
to an intensive breeding center in Akan National Park.
Early efforts to reconstitute our numbers were unsuccessful,
but steadily improved as our species learned more about each other.
Then, a little over two years ago, I was born!
My genes were specifically engineered to create an immune system capable of
protecting my body from the effects of the virus that had felled so many of us.
And now, it is up to me and the last momongas to nurture those genes
in a new, stronger generation!
I am humbled and truly grateful for this important responsibility.

Working in a breeding center can be as exhausting as it sounds,
but I try to conserve enough energy to enjoy a healthy nightlife!
When your life's only purpose is to be food and provide energy for higher beings,
it is so important to be thankful for today.
That's why, after the people get sleepy and go to bed,
we and the other animals at Cuddletree often enjoy festivals
with bright, mesmerizing light and magic shows, delicious food,
warm convivial intimacy, and storytelling!
Male squirrels sing to female squirrels and all will play compositions
designed to express joy, love, and gratitude to nature.
When I am not writing music or brushing up on my falsetto,
I enjoy sneaking into the break room and playing PS4.
(Collecting shiny trophies is so nice... I just wish they made squirrel-sized controllers, ね!)

I created this profile in secret because I want to share the joy of
being thankful with the rest of the world!
I hope our music, art, and stories inspire you to look at your own lives,
and feel gratitude for whatever you have, even if it is only for your own heartbeat.

I love you! ^-^

モモ, モチちゃん, マリモちゃん, and all the hardworking mommy squirrels,
木村先生, 小林先生, and all the hardworking wildlife biologists at Cuddletree,
the great spirits of our forest, who love us and give us our place and purpose,
and (last but not least) our valuable friends at the University of Arizona
Department of Animal Sciences. (Bear down!)

I would not be able to do this without the support of all of my friends and family! <3

You can find Momo Sky Sky and friends all over the web!

Art: DeviantART :: FurAffinity :: Weasyl :: Inkbunny :: SoFurry
Music: All of the above! PLUS SoundCloud :: YouTube
Support Cuddletree!: Patreon :: Bandcamp

Want to talk or play with me?
Follow me on Twitter! :: Find me on PSN! [Momo-SkySky]
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